by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
Previous Chapter Avatar: The Legends of Aang and Korra

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The man, or what ever he was, had given her the ring. explaining it's power. The power to make living things agree with her. She had tested it with small things, but it was hard to do when everyone obeyed the Fire Princess due to fear. This would be a true test as she went after the Avatar and his friends. The question was when best to use it.

She hadn't been wearing the ring when she began the battle with Avatar, then her brother, then the Avatar's friend and her uncle. She had secretly placed it on during the right, when she had been cornered by the collection of adults, young and old. With the Avatar and his Earthbender being the youngest at eightteen.

Time to test this out, as she thought as she began to speak, "I accept."

Everyone looked confused as the waterbender's brother asked, "Accept what?"

"You're complete and total loyalty , love and devotion. Which you just swore to, right?" she continued as she waited for the answer. It was ridiculous to expect enemies and traitors to swear themselves to her. If they did, the magic of the Yes Man's Ring was truly real.

There was a spread of confusion on their faces for a flicker of a second before they dropped their attack stanced and dropped to their knees as they continued with, "Yes, of course my princess. How can we serve you?"

"I have a few ideas..."

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