They are revealled a few days later...

by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
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A few Days Later...

Soon after using the ring to make her enemies her servants, and having talked her friends and other servants around, they had returned to the train. She had sent off a letter on a hawk to her father and his men, with some 'suggestions' she knew he would agree with. She had also learned about her 'newest' friends.

'So I sent Uncle and Sokka to help work on plans to take the throne from the Earth King, after some arguments they had to agree with. Sent Zuko to be with Mai to make her happy and pay her back for her help. Which leaves Ty Lee and me with the Avatar and his two teachers.' Thought Azula as she prepared as she had sent word the four mentioned would join her.

She tried to think of what to do with the eighteen year old Avatar... and those thoughts became slightly perverted. The idea of the most powerful man, most powerful bender, most powerful mortal on the planet obeying her will was the ultimate aphrodisiac. The fact he wasn't hard on the eyes didn't hurt either. Neither did the sexy ladies who were teaching him Waterbending and Earthbending. Or Ty Lee, who was limber and sexy. Schemes both sexual and otherwise came into her head.

The Four came in, acting what she suspected was normal, as she had not adjusted that yet. Only redirected their loyalties and devotion to her first and the Fire Nation second. She began to speak as she spun her newest web for them to agree with,

"Hello, my most loyal devoted friends. I wanted to discuss something very important things now that we are here. Starting with my decision to take Aang as my lover and fiance. The fact he is completely head over heels in love with me, sees me as the most beautiful desirable woman around, and is willing to do anything to make me happy is part of it."

She noticed an instant change. She had learned enough to know the Avatar had a crush on the Water Tribes girl, Katara. So him making puppy eyes at her was normal, even if no one was watching... save the Fire Princess. Those eyes then moved from Katara to her, as see it deepen beyond love to including a lust in them.

"As well, I also welcome our friends Katara, Toph, and Ty Lee to be our own personal love servants. Devoting to pleasing myself and then my husband to be Aang, completely without question or resistance. You live to serve our every whim or desire, it brings you both complete happiness and even sexual pleasure. You love and desire for the both of us is as unmeasurable as Aang's love and desire for me."

They bodies and eyes, even in Toph's case, were changed to resemble the words she said as their minds and bodies began to agree with what she told them. She now had a handsome powerful lover, and three love slaves. Perhaps it's time to break them in?

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