by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
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Xander didn't know how he had gotten into this. Faith had gotten the drop on him, asking him to shut up, don't attack her and then follow her. Which he agreed, because it seemed like a good idea given the situation. Which lead her to tell him to take a seat and stay there as she asked him some question.

'Which I did. Telling her of the wetworks team the Watchers had for them. Told her why I came to her hotel room, my relationship with Bufyf and the others, plus more. Just can't help blabbing my mouth off.' Faith was staring at him as he had rumbled off anything she wanted and was of importants, truthfully as she asked. Even mentioning his relationship with Anya, which he was trying to come up with a good reason why other then to agree with Faith.

"Rather clever using big booms against the Judge and... other threats. Most of the things which bump in the night wouldn't have seen it. Seems like you can come up with clever cunning ideas. A good guy to have on your side." she said thinking to herself, "Especially when you have an army after you, and that's not counting that Intiative thing you are dealing with."

She got a deeper look of thought on her head, before she smiled sinisterly in a way Xander didn't like, "See the boss man gave me the power to make anyone agree with me, even if it was total bullshit. Better yet, they will change in any way to come into agreement with what I say. If I told them the sky was green, then either mentally they will see the sky was green or their bodies change till they see blue as green or something.

You're loyal, clever, won't give up, and aren't too bad on the eyes. A rock B support herself on, whether anyone knows it or not. Up until now, I saw you like I did most men. A dildo with a body attached which I couldn't trust or rely on. But I realize now I doesn't need to be true. Not with this ring. I can make you anything I want. Including my own rock."

Xander was mentally freaking out as he realized why he was so agreeable, so submissive to Faith. With this new power, it explained everything. Which meant he had to get out of here, to warn Buffy and the others. But Faith had told him to take a seat and stay there, and his body and mind couldn't disagree even if he now knew why.

"So from this moment on, your going to be mine. All of that loyalty, love, devotion, and whatever is going to be mine and not your friends. Your life's purpose to to help me, make me happy, do anything for me. You're my greatest ally and friend, and my enemies are your enemies. Right now, your former friends are my enemies. So you are completely happy for me to use my powers on you, to change you. Or others. Whatever I like." as she spoke, she moved to sit on his lap like she was trying to seduce him.

Xander had wanted to disagree, reject what Faith was going to say before she spoke. But the minute she spoke, he couldn't. He had to agree as he changed inside. Realizing how much he was devoted to Faith, loved her and would do anything for her. That he wanted her to have the happiness she deserved and needed. Realized how his friends were assholes who deserved what Faith as going to give them, as he welcomed her seduction as she wrapped herself around him.

Realizing one thing which could help her out he said, "So do you need to be in the same room as someone for your power to work, F? Or could you phone or write someone, and as long as they knew it was you, they would be affected?"

Faith stopped and looked shocked, then annoyed, "No. But it's a good thing to test. Good thing I have you around. It's already paying off."

Faith then decided...

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