... make sure they are not disturbed.

by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
Previous Chapter Xander

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"I want a good fucking, since I haven't had one in months. But with B and her team out there..." she said, but Xander interrupted.

"I have an idea, but we need to test it. So I need you to write done some action for me to do you can notice." he said, as she looked around for something to write on and with. A Pen and some print out paper later, she tore him a small note. Reading it quickly, he then ate the paper like the note said.

He nodded and smiled, "And we have proven the ring works on paper. We might have to test out phones and videos later, but now you just have to post notes on all the windows, doors and other entrances. Something like 'Don't Enter, Don't Disturb, and Nothing to See Here'. It should keep everything out. They you can do anything you want!"

A little more work so they weren't affected as they put the notes up, they were quickly finished and could move on. The dark-haired slayer said, "Okay, we should be safe if you're right. So... take it off boytoy."

"Okay, babe." he said as he begun what Faith slowly realized was a strip routine. Something she would have to ask him about later. She had made sure this place had chairs and other things like cots for beds, tied together. Those would be getting a work out if this show was good enough. The shaking of ass, done while Xander slowly took off his top, seemed to be hinting at this. Faith was taking off her clothes as well, since she didn't want to waste too much time before she got a good screwing. So she continued to enjoy the show...

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