Barbara goes to confront Dick

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Harem app
Characters Nightwing Hellcat Batgirl
Category M/F
Previous Chapter An emergancy pops up and Nightwing and Hellcat race to the rescue

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Patsy was riding Dick Cowgirl style getting closer and closer to climax and Dick was getting closer himself.  Patsy arched her back and gasped as she reached orgasm again.  Finally, Dick exploded into Patsy and she peaked out in response, collapsing on Dick’s chest gasping for breath.
“Wow,” Dick breathed heavy.
Patsy tried to say something but was breathless.  Dick kissed her.  He noticed his phone buzzing again so he went to take a look at it.  The Harem app was informing him that he had a few new achievements now and Barbara had texted him.  He checked the message and panicked.
“ETA Five minutes.  Want to meet the cat bimbo.”
Shit.  Dick scrambled.
“What?” Patsy asked.
“How do I?” Dick fidgeted with the phone, “I’m sorry, I’ll explain later.”
Dick hit the dismiss icon and Patsy disappeared.  He then closed the app and put the phone under his pillow next to his private phone.  He took out his normal phone and brought up pictures of Barbara.  Just as the screen went dark the hidden elevator opened.  Huricane Barbara stormed in.
“Who is she?”
“What?” Dick played dumb.
Barbara stopped for a second and sniffed.  Dick could imagine them turning red black with rage like a cartoon.  
“I know that smell, where is she?” Barbara crossed her arms across her chest.
“Well, I’m a guy, I’m lonely, I’m alone and you just got here so,” Dick raised his left hand, “Here ‘she’ is.”
Barbara stormed off into the walk in closet, then came to the bed and looked under it, she went to the bathroom and then went out into the rest of the apartment.  Dick took the moment to reach into his half open drawer next to his bed and pulled out a fresh pair of underwear.  He was getting up to go to the bathroom when Barbara walked back in.
“Ok, you are alone,” She said as she walked in, “And it looks like you had your me time.  Who was the cat at the bank last night?”
“Oh her?” Dick said, “New girl, just showed up last night.  Pretty good.  A bit theatrical.  Let me guess you have the Security net taps feed to your clock tower.”
“Yeah,” Barbara said, “What happened to her?”
“She pulled a bat on me,” Dick giggled.
“Someone is talking and they turn around,” Dick narrated, “And when they turn back around The Batman, Batgirl, Robin, or Nightwing is gone.  Yeah, she just up and vanished on me.”
“Right,” Barbara said.
“Care to join me?” Dick asked.
“No,” Barbara shook her head, “Looks like you need to cool off, not get steamed back up.” 
Barbara would check his phone as soon as he hopped in the shower.  Dick knew it.  He was surprised when he got out of the shower.  
“Are you pinning for me this badly?” Barbara looked up from both phones with her cheeks flush, “A 3D render of me dancing in my old costume?  Who made it for you? Tim?”
“Come on,” Dick said, “Like you could get a confession out of anyone around here.  Like I said, I was lonely.”
Barbara got up and picked up her jacket. Dick took the secure phone from her and went to kiss her.  She moved to dodge the attempt.  
“Don’t be a stranger,” Dick said, “You are welcome any time.”
Barbara looked back at him with a smile and then walked towards the elevator.  Dick looked at the phone and the screen changed to a prompt asking if he wanted to add Barbara to his harem, Security overrides would make it a free import…

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