... And while they are en-rout Nightwing reactivates Hellcat so she can join them

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Harem app
Characters Batgirl Hellcat Nightwing
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Dick was concerned, but he couldn’t show it.

“Barbara,” Dick said, “Could you ever see us together.  Forever together?”

“Could you ever settle down with only one girl?” Barbara tossed back, “Is there any way in hell I would be cool with a couple of sluts on the side?”

An alert popped up and both Barbara and Dick looked at it.  They looked back at each other.  A knowing smile creeped across both their faces. 

“Ok,” Barbara smirked, “Looks like you get a date tonight, lets suit up.”

Dick smiled and fidgeted with his phone for a second and then followed Barbara into the sub-basement.


About a block from the billowing smoke Patsy appeared in full Hellcat outfit.  She smiled to herself.  It was clear what was going on.  Dick had summoned her to help with an emergency and to play on his girlfriend’s heart.  Patsy jumped across the alleyway with a giggle.


Batgirl was holding on to Nightwing’s waist as they raced towards the office building on the wingcycle.  It seemed a crew was taking over the building looking for something and they were using a liberal amount of explosives to keep the regular police at bay.  Batgirl couldn’t hide the smile on her face.  They parked the bike in an alley about a block away and took to the roof tops. 

“So she doesn’t swear?” Batgirl asked for the fifth time.

“Could you imagine talking dirty without swearing?” Nightwing chuckled, “Speak of the devil.”

“Shh,” the red-haired cat girl grinned from the roof on the office building.

Barbara sized her up.  Five foot eight, a hundred thirty to forty pounds, mid torso long red hair.  Yellow catsuit with blue sides and blue cat themed cowl, gloves and knee boots.  She crouched down and then sprang up to the top of the elevator shed.  Nightwing waved a hand for Batgirl to duck down out of sight.  There was the sound of a grown man screaming like a five-year-old girl getting attacked by a demon.

“All clear,” came the chipper voice.

Nightwing and Batgirl looked at Hellcat with a cheesy grin on her face.  They then made the leap over to the office building roof top.

“Were you a cheerleader?” Batgirl asked.

“Of course,” Hellcat responded, “Weren’t you?”

“Competition Gymnastics,” Batgirl said. 

“Teen Idol and Viglenate,” Nightwing bragged, “Why don’t you two take the security monitoring relay room while I look for roving patrols.”

Nightwing opened the door to the elevator shed and started down into the building.  Hellcat extended her arm indicating for Batgirl to take the lead.  Barbara rolled her eyes once she was sure that Hellcat couldn’t see.  Batgirl lead the way to the security closet.  It was just a closet, Hellcat observed, in seconds Batgirl was in and connecting a tablet to the junction boxes. 

“So, you and Nightwing?” Hellcat said from the door way of the closet, “He said you two were complicated.”

“You could say that,” Batgirl muttered, “Ok Hotwings I got three goons making their way to you with wonder-nines.  We are kind of off and on Hellcat.”

“Are you guys on right now?” Hellcat asked, “Because if not I would like a chance.”

Batgirl gave Hellcat her best Batman Glare.  It seemed to have no effect on her… Well it seemed to have the wrong effect on her.

“On second thought,” Hellcat smiled, “Are you single?”

“Ahh, now is not the time for that,” Batgirl said, “Hotwings, two more coming up the stairs behind you.  Looks like the majority of them are on the fifth floor breaking into a security room in the insurance office.  Keep off the screens they are watching from the ground floor terminals.”

“I love it when you boss me around,” Nightwing called back over the com link, “So much sexier than when Batman does it.”

“There is a lot of slash porn on the internet that says otherwise birdboy,” Batgirl retorted, “get moving.  Ok, Hellcat.  What’s your deal?”

“What?” Hellcat said, “I’m new in town, I’m single and I am looking for some company.  I am not looking for happily ever after right now.  I would like to be a girlfriend to someone…”

“Ah, yeah,” Batgirl said, “North Fire Stairs, three guys with carbines.”

“You know what about all of use?” Hellcat said, “It isn’t cheating if we are together right?”

Batgirl didn’t respond, she just waited as camera showed the three goon team make their way to door.  As soon as they did, Hellcat ambushed them and proceeded to disarm them and knock them out. 

“You know I was in a special relationship,” Hellcat smiled as she walked back, “I guess you could call it a harem, we had one boyfriend and a three other bi girls.  It wasn’t cheating since we were together.”

“What happened?” Batgirl asked.

“I wished that it was something dramatic like a supervillain attack or a car bombing,” Hellcat said, “Truth was that he got mugged on the way home from work and didn’t make it.  We all took it hard in our own way and even having the mugger convicted wasn’t enough for everyone.”

“You still in contact with them?” Batgirl asked.

“Yeah,” Hellcat said, “But it’s not the same without him so they.  Now I have to find new love in my life.  What’s your story?”

“He moved into town when we were kids, naturally we met because we are both into the same night scene,” Batgirl said, “Being the same age, Boy Wonder and I hooked up, then he got sent to a sort of boarding school and during college he took time to rediscover himself while I stayed in Gotham and even though he comes back home from time to time for a while, he keeps wondering off.  And keeps chasing floozies.”

Hellcat wasn’t watching Batgirl so she missed Batgirl deliberately looking at her to emphasis the point.

“Well he is still burning for you,” Hellcat said, “If you want him just accept that it will be as a harem bride and things will be simple.”

“Ah,” Nightwing called over the comlink, “Why is there a quarter ton of cocaine in an Insurance Company secure storage area?”

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