Alfred goes to speak with Dick

by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
Previous Chapter Alfred visits Master Time Drake.

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 After talking to Tim, Alfred made quick call to Miss Zor-El to arrange for her to meet with the other ladies who would be taking Master Tim on the wedding date. Along with Master Dick's dates. To be 'given' advice on how to be Wayne Ladies.

 The next step was to help Master Dick by 'giving' similar advice as he had down with Master Tim. The fact he didn't need to be in person for the ring to work, merely to have the other person know it was him, could the magic work. So a phone call worked as well, which was why Alfred did just that, calling Master Dick.

 "Dick, here. How can I help you, Alfred?" camed the answer from the phone, as Alfred responded.

 "Master Dick," he started again, in his fatherly tone. He continued, "You know that with Master's Bruce's impending wedding, things will change. Even without you living at the mansion. I have suggested to Master Tim that a bachelor life is a good cover for the family's nocturnal activities. But that has always cause Master Bruce some trouble as he constantly needed new ladies to date when he 'suddenly' disappeared during one night stands."

 "Yeah. God know how many woman with little brains but killer bodies had to ask what was going on when Bruce ditched them for what seemed to be no reason. Might be where all of the rumors of 'Gay' Wayne started. So no only is Bruce marrying for love, but also for protecting his identity." continued Dick, as he seemed to be grunting a little, which Alfred assume to be exercising.

 " Yes. With the wedding, Miss Kyle or any of their mutual friends could help cover for him. As being wealthy allows for some... flexible behaviour. As long as everyone is consenting.

 However, for Tim, I suggested that starting relationships with a number of the females in 'our' business in his age group would be a good idea to gain and deflect the attention of the paparazzi. Show them public attention and appearances with them. Perhaps with time and familiarity he could find a long tern relationship with them."

 "And you want me to do the same thing. Seems like a good idea. I could get Barbara and Kori to go along with that."

 "To maximize the effect, I suggest adding Miss Roth and Miss Troy, since both of them are free of relationships at the moment and are of your age group. I have sent invitations to all four ladies in hopes you would be willing to go along with the plan. And as I told Master Tim, you might find a more long lasting relationship as well."

 "Good Idea, Al. So anything else?" asked Dick, as Alfred added a few other things before getting ready for other things. Like the meeting with the young master's dates.

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