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by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
Characters Alfred Pennyworth
Previous Chapter Alfred goes to speak with Dick

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“That will be enough for now,” Alfred smiled.

Dick took the subtle hint and left.  Alfred mulled his options.  He was still concerned about Master Jason.  On top of that there was the mater of Young Master Damian and his rather foul attitude towards, well, everyone.  He also thought back to Miss Gordon.  It would be terribly unfair if Master Dick were to have her around while he also had his other lady friends able to dance around her wheel chair.  While it would serve the public narrative of a young wealthy man falling in love with a disabled woman and then having his girlfriends on the side, it would be horrible for both of them.

“I wonder…” Alfred thought back to some of the less ethical experiments that Lex Luthor had been involved with.


Bruce leaned back in his chair looking at Lucius Fox.  In spite of how Bruce felt, it was Lucius that had a smug smile on his face.

“Did you swallow a canary?” Bruce asked finally.

Lucius closed the conference room door before speaking.

“You haven’t seen the reports out of London and Tokyo?” Lucius asked.

“What?” Bruce perked up, “We posted black across the board for the whatever quarter in a row.  Our Stock is strong, still.”

“Not that,” Lucius turned on a TV and sent a video to it.

A Japanese woman in a nice business suit with a Wayne Group Logo pin on her lapel. 

“I recognize her,” Bruce noted.

“VP of marketing and PR for our Japan holding subsidiary,” Lucius noted.

“Didn’t we have her over for a cook out last year?” Bruce asked.

“Barbaraque for our Japanese staff,” Lucius confirmed, “Hawaiian pig.”

Lucius started the video, not bothering with the subtitles or translation.

[Thank you.  Yes I have met Mister Wayne personally.  No, what every Mister Wayne is like on his off time he is a consument perfessional and only showed us the utmost respect in our personal meetings.  I would like to remind you that the day to day operations of the Wayne group is managed globaly by the very talented Mister Fox.  The Wayne Coporate Family is managed in Japan by the capable Mister Koga.  Well it is understood that Mister Wayne’s adopted children are already in place so I don’t see how his wedding will affect the company in a generational fashion.  Neither Mister Wayne nor his bride are royality so I fail so see why people are calling it a royal wedding.  All members of the Wayne Coporate Family wish Mister Wayne the best in his wedding, but that is position we take with all of the members of our Coporate Family.  In fact last week I presented a member of my staff a present and a bonus on her wedding day on behalf of the company.  We will convey all well wishes with our Gotham Headquarters.]

“Royal Wedding?” Bruce asked.

“Yeah,” Lucius smiled, “We have them setting up various low key, thank you and good will kind of events and so on.  Hopefully we can keep the good vibes running for a while longer.  I also sent notice to London to calm down and take a page from the Japanese.”

Lucius taped the screen on his phone and the picture changed to a young blonde woman in a white tee-shirt with big print declaring the announced date of the wedding a holiday for a “royal (Wayne logo)edding!” cheering uncontrollably.

Both Lucius and Bruce groaned.


“These are so fucking hot,” Harley cooed as she looked at the strappy purple heels in the mirror.Zatanna sat on Selina’s lap in nothing but her panties as she leaned back and kissed Diana.  “Why the fuck did I wait so long to trying out tacos?” Zatanna muttered as she giggled.  “I’m still not sold on stapless,” Pam said from the mirror, “Even with the built in corset, I still say Halter with a neck snap is the way to get topless in a hurry.”“Remember we still need to get plugs so we can start anal stretching for Bruce,” Selina played with Zatanna’s nipples.*

Alfred typed out the command on the typewriter.  It would be simple and easy to accomplish and once done, Alfred would be better able to make what changes he needed to.  Right on time the phone rang.

“This is Alfred Pennyworth,” Alfred said picking up the phone, “Hello Master Jason.  Isn’t it time you came home?  Master Bruce’s wedding will be the perfect excuse for you to really rejoin the family again.  Please do come by for dinner tomorrow so we can talk and formally invite you to the wedding.”

Alfred smiled as he hung up the phone.  Jason sure enough had agreed without hesitation.  Soon he would feel so much better about being a part of the family.  Alfred looked at the notes he had prepared, Jason was already running with the Amazon Artimis.  He thought that Red Hood and Huntress would also make a nice couple.  Right on time, his phone rang.

“This is Alfred Pennyworth,” Alfred answered, “Hello Huntress, now why don’t you tell me your real name and address so I can send you an invitation to the Wedding.  Really?  Isn’t it about time you really join the family Hellen, after all you are a Wayne.  Please come by tomorrow morning, well early afternoon.  I am sure everyone will love for you to be here.”

Alfred hung up and smiled, so Huntress was really Helen Wayne, the daughter of another world’s Batman and Catwoman.  That was just too good.

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