Wonder Woman wakes up to clean herself up.

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Savage Growth Pregnancy Pheromones Transformation
Previous Chapter Lex Luthor watches on as his city goes to the goats!

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Slowly stirring awake and blinking her eyes with a groggy yawn, Diana stretched her arms and scratched at her thigh, slowly sitting up and looked around her surroundings, finding herself in her empty bedroom. Everything was picked clean off the walls and floors, even the fan on the ceiling was gone. “What in Hera’s name happened…” Looking down at her rounder, fuller belly and her dripping breasts, Diana stopped dead and huffed, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes. “Oh… Right.” Slowly getting up to her hooved feet and wincing when she had to crouch to avoid scrapping her horns on the ceiling, Diana found that her belly now looked full term with quintuplets, it certainly felt that way with all the kicking they were doing inside of her. Looking down to the floor, Diana smiled warmly when she caught her four sons sleeping in a pile like a bundle of kittens. Her milk must had been spiked with something because now they had looked like they aged to the size of young teenagers, all of them had steadily grown to have nearly caught up with their big sisters.

Sniffing the air, Diana winced, her room despite being practically empty stunk like a stable, bringing a handful of her hair to her keen nose, the satyress sniffed herself and realised the stink was coming from her. “Guess I’m still covered in my little ‘meeting’ from yesterday.” Carefully opening the door and squeezing her bulk out the door frame and breaking it in the process, Wonder Woman looked to the rest of her apartment and her five daughters busily eating everything they could get their hands on. Biting into a plate, the now adult looking Gaea blinked while gnawing on the ceramic thing and waved to her mother. “Morning MOM!” She chirped, eliciting her sisters to look towards their mother’s bedroom door and greet her in their own way. “Morning Mom sleep well or did you run out of goods to eat?” Chuckled Demeter.

“Take a note girls, Satyrs are impressionable… Leave them alone and they’ll go Billy goat on the place.” Huffed Diana, shaking her head and leaning against the wall, cradling her swollen womb and trying to calm the kicks with her hands. Feeling other pairs of hands press against her belly, Diana looked down to see her daughters Eris and Demeter feeling the bumps meet their hands. “Ooh, they’re growing so fast.” Smiling warmly and finding the moment to relax, Wonder Woman basked in her daughter’s attention towards her womb, that is until she remembered why she pulled herself free of her room in the first place. “OK, I’m going to get cleaned up, does anyone need the washroom?”

Nope!” Chirped Hestia, Hecate and Demeter

“Nu-uh…” Waved Eris, turning back around to find something else to eat.

“Hmm phhmmmfgmm?” Answered Gaea, still chewing on her dinner plate from earlier.

Getting the answer she needed, Diana waddled down the hall of her home towards the washroom and squeezed through the door frame. Once she was inside, the large pregnant satyress felt cramped delicately moving herself towards the shower and reaching for the dial to turn on the water. The moment the hot shower beaded down warm water down to soak her hair and fur, Diana swooned and moaned softly when all the aches from her morning wake ebbed away. Closing her eyes and craning her neck, Diana began to day dream.

She was in a forest, the trees tall and thick with rain drizzling down from the canopy as she and her herd migrated deeper into the woods. She was HUGE! There was nothing left around to give her context to her size, but had she’d still been human, her figure would have been outrageous. Hips wider than her shoulders swayed with each step, her long tail swishing back and forth while the fluffy tip hypnotically flickered back and forth. Her four breasts were massive, easily as big as her head, her areolas were dark and lumpy, sporting nipples thicker than wine corks than dripped milk down the sides of her round pregnant belly. She was big, curvaceous and plump, and she revelled in her size. And her savagery. Her hair was wild and unkempt, looking more like the mane of a lion than a warrior princess, her front bangs decorated with wooden beads and feathers, her teeth were now sharp, sharp enough to eat anything she would bite into now, a feral gleam in her eyes as he scoured the forest in front of her for anything new. Her horns were just as massive as she was, gnarled and twisted like roots, they took the shape of a heart over her scalp while several little horns budded around her primary ones, almost like a crown Stopping and leaning against a tree, the female creature rubbed the surface of her furry belly to calm the storm of activity inside of her, until the heavy footsteps of a satyr behind her grabbed her attention (along with her hips) and thrust deep into her pussy. There was no romance between the two, no flirting or love, just the animalistic need to mate as they grunted and huffed, braying out their passions until the satyr tensed and flooded Diana’s crowded womb with hot seed.

That last act caused Diana’s water to break, the satyress not even bothering to lay down, she leaned against the large tree and spread her legs further while keening out in orgasm once again, the call of a female giving birth as her litter crowned and pushed out of her one by one. Wriggling free and rolling down to the soft grass at her hooves, the savage she-beast panted and moaned as she continued to birth more of her brood. After pushing out her fifth child and turning to lean her back against the tree, the round dome of her belly now a soft layer that obscured her strong abdominal muscles. Seeing the herd of satyrs that followed her and now picked up her children to be tended, Diana licked her lips with arousal. She was surrounded by dozens of large, muscular, curvaceous satyrs and satyresses, she had no idea if they were her friends or children, and she didn’t care, as far as she was concerned they were all hers to enjoy. With an inviting look she brayed out to the hulking males of her herd, her smirk never leaving her pouting lips when one bold specimen pinned her against the tree and thrust deep into her, clasping a hungry mouth around one of her spurting nipples. She wanted his brood, and the brood of the next male that would fuck her, and the brood of the next one after that. She wanted these woods TEEMING with her children. Bellowing out a feral moan when her orgasm crashed through her, Diana moaned and fluttered her eyes open when the shower head finally went cold and snapped her out of her day dream.

“Wha… Wha… What’s going on? Why’s the water cold?”

Quickly turning off the tap, Diana with her head clearer looked around and blushed a deep shade of red. The bathroom was in ruins, tiled walls smashed, and percaline shattered, and it wasn’t hard to know why either. She had grown again. Easily ten feet tall had she been standing, she was lounging with her back against the wall while four of her daughters clasped their lips around her gushing nipples and her fifth daughter cradled a bundle of five crying satyr newborns.

“OK girls, I think she’s empty…” Deadpanned Eris as one by one her sisters popped free of their mother’s tits and rolled back, looking more filled out and mature looking than the last time they drank their mother’s milk.

“What’s going on? Was it all a dream? Why is the bathroom so small?”

Rolling her eyes Eris calmed down her newborn brothers and sisters before answering. “You started going off like in those Herbal Essences commercials when we found you, grinding out kids and grinding against the bathtub faucet.”

Getting herself on her knees to crouch in the cramped bathroom, Diana looked to the dripping water faucet, she flicked a finger over the water and sniffed it. A familiar scent filled her nostrils, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, the smell of. “That son of a bitch!”


“The water, he tainted the water!” Getting up and bumping her head against the ceiling, Diana rubbed her horns before looking to her adult daughters with a serious look in her eyes. “Get the rest of the family girls, we’re going to find the Justice League and settle this once and for all!”

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