Diana starts with Superman, now a Kryptonian Satyr Bull!

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Wonder Woman Superman
Category DC M/F Pheromones Transformation
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman wakes up to clean herself up.

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An hour and a lot of struggling later, Diana and her children left the apartment and made their way down to what was left of the street to head towards the Halls of Justice. When Wonder Woman was trying to leave her home, the front door was out of the question, eventually she was forced to knock down a wall, just so she could get outside. Finally, free and able to stretch, Diana looked around and winced. Just about everyone in the streets had been turned into satyrs, partying, eating and screwing out in the open like it was the last day on Earth. With all the damage caused in their ‘party’… It might as well be.


Buck’s influence had never been this strong, and it seemed that the longer he could roam, the stronger his influence became. Almost everyone turned had been gorging on whatever they could get their hands on, whether it was edible or not. She spotted a trio of satyrs eating a nearby car, each of them big enough to be compared to cars when they spotted Diana and her children walk down the road.


“Hey ladies, wanna bite to eat? We got donuts?” Cat called a brown furred satyr, waving a car tire in his hand before biting into it. Another had a car tire around his massive erection, pointing at the thing. “Hey guys look, I gots a cock ring!” Getting cheers and a high five from the others, Diana’s daughters looked to the group of recently changed satyrs and looked back to the towering form of their mother.


“Mom… Did you act that stupid when you changed?”


“No honey, I kicked your father in the balls after he conceived you.” Looking around and finding everyone acting like dumb bimbos and jocks, Diana blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. Nearby she found two satyresses that had kicked a fire hydrant over and were trying to guzzle down as much water as possible, the longer they did so, the bigger and more curvaceous they became, acting bubbly and giggling. “I’m NOW starting to think I should have kicked him hard enough to make the damage permanent.”


The better part of her was embarrassed of the display, decent people were being turned into big, horned and horny college dropouts at a frat party. But another part of her, the one she finally let have a say in her mind had different thoughts. Looking over to a stop sign nearby, it made her chuckle that her head nearly reached the stop light. She was huge, gigantic. She was 10 feet tall now and if the bulk of her four breasts and ass told her anything she probably weighed a metric tonne in muscle and tit flesh alone. Not fat, but certainly healthy, if anything her recent growth spurts had only made her more athletic to match the slight softness that adorned her curves. Her human self would barely take up the space of one of her firm legs, if anything right now, she felt… Good. POWERFUL! At her size she’d be looking down at people just to talk to them, and not just literally. As a satyress, a TOWERING satyress, she was superior to humans; she could feed off of anything to survive and reproduce in large numbers quickly and painlessly, her fur made it so she didn’t need clothing to stay warm or protected. Why should she wear such scraps of cloth? Her curves demanded space to sway and jiggle with each step, if only to attract the biggest cock that aimed its way towards her. Shaking her head, she dismissed the feral nature of her new state and looked around, keeping her eyes on the sky.


“What are you looking for mom?” Asked Demeter, holding her new siblings in hand as they slept in her arms.


“I’m hoping that out of all this confusion, the best chance for some help should be flying overhead right now.” Seeing a red blur fly overhead, Diana’s daughters pointed up spotting the flying hero.


“Look up there in the sky, is it a bird?”


“Maybe a plane?”


“No, its… HOLY SHIT, look at the size of that thing!!!”


Landing heavily in front of Wonder Woman, Superman chuckled like a drunken hillbilly wiping drool out of his mouth. Easily 10 feet tall if not a bit taller than Diana, the hulking satyr bull wore not a scrap of clothing except a red towel that was now comically undersized around his neck acting like a cape. “Hey sweet thing, wanna ride the cock of steel? You can join the mile-high club.” He slurred, raising his eyebrows with incentive.


“Sure thing, handsome.” Diana smiled back, licking her lips at the 2-foot-long sausage bobbing at full mast in front of her. “But I don’t think you can handle ALL of us.” Squeezing Gaea and Hecate close to her for emphasis, her daughters looked confused before Wonder Woman whispered into her daughter’s ear. “Looks like Clark had a glass of water… And got REALLY thirsty.”


“What do we do?” Panted Gaea, her face flushed as Superman’s pheromones made her aroused, so much so she leaned against her mother to keep standing.


“DO?!” Diana scoffed. “We’re gonna do HIM until he passes out!”


Sashaying towards the satyr, Wonder Woman pressed up against him until her breasts mashed up to touch his chin, stroking his length to distract him before pushing him onto his back. “Come on Clark, you think you can take me and my daughters?” Straddling his waist, Diana aimed his throbbing length at the entrance to her pussy and sunk down to the hilt. “Hnnngh… Challenge accepted hot stuff.” Slapping her across her meaty ass, Diana laughed at the attention before moaning out loud when he began to thrust and grind into her. Tossing her hair and gripping her pussy muscles, Diana let her more wild side take the wheel. Feeling his hands grope and squeeze at her breasts, Diana arched her back to give him more room to feel her up. It wasn’t long until she felt her daughters press up behind and beside her, kissing her neck and shoulders.


Roaring out his release, Superman went rigid when he came like a fire hose into Wonder Woman, making the large satyress wail out her own orgasm before turning to her daughter Demeter and kissing her hard. “You’re turn sweetheart.” Freeing herself from Clark’s length, it made Diana proud to see her daughter scramble to take her place. The seven-foot-tall satyress cried out when her virginity was finally claimed, and she began to find a rhythm, her sisters giving her the same attention they gave their mother as Diana lounged nearby like a proud mother cat, watching them. One after the other, her daughters took turns riding Superman, screaming and moaning out in orgasm. By the time Superman had claimed all five of her daughters who by now lounged nearby panting and swooning, Diana straddled the ‘cock of steel’ for a second round.


“Ooh, six amazons at once, you’ve become quite the stud Clark.” Husked Diana, sinking onto his length again and biting her lip at how hard he still was.


“Huuurnck… You bet sugar tits, and just you wait, when we join Buck’s herd, we are gonna have a blast!”


“Oh, so you wanna join Buck’s herd huh?” Gasped Diana in pleasure, keeping her hands on the satyr’s barrel chest to keep herself up. “You want to live your life like some big dumb animal, siring thousands of bastard kids and eating civilization down to the last brick?” Feeling his girth grow harder and throb inside her pussy was all the amazon princess needed as an affirmative to her question. “Hmm… Then you better say goodbye to root beer floats because those are the FIRST to go.”


Reaching the brink, Superman suddenly stopped. “What?”


“Oh yeah, no more root beer floats, corn dogs, and don’t forget apple pie… You’re favorites.”


Blinking in surprise, Clark continued to thrust but now a war began to spark in his mind, between the feral and the rational.


“Heck if Buck wins then the only food you’d have on the menu would be grass and these luscious TITS!” Husked Diana, hefting one of her massive breasts to lick at her dripping cork of a nipple and shivering from the flavour. “So, what’ll it be farm boy? Wild animal sex? Or apple pie?”


Gritting his teeth and going tense, Superman bellow out a roar as he orgasmed hard into Diana, making the massive satyress roar out her release with him before collapsing onto his chest and nearly smothering his face in her breasts. Panting and going slack, Clark groaned and slowly sat up. “What the hell have I been doing? No corn dogs? French fries? BUCK MUST BE STOPPED!!!”


“Phew… Welcome back Superman.” Purred Diana, slowly sitting up and arching her back to bask in the multiple orgasms their coupling rocked through her. “Time to get the band back together.”

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