Sage continues to face fuck a transforming Boom-Boom.

by Anzaleth
Storyline Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation
Previous Chapter Emma releases the Trickster

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"Yeahh! UHHH! UHHHHH! UHHH!" Sage moaned as she fucked Boom-Boom's cunt mouth. "So tight! UHHHHHH!"

The mouth began to happily swallow. Now cum was the only thing Boom-Boom needed to eat, and she was hungry.
There were writhing penises on Boom-Boom's face. Sage didn't know what part of the face they were attached to  and she didn't care. She grabbed one in each hand, squeeze them and using them like reins as she rode the mutant's face.
"UHHHH! Fuckkkkk!"
* * *
Rogue grinned as she saw Jubilee rollerskating in the hall.
"She sure got a purdy face," Rogue grinned as she squeezed her crotch. "Look so nice 'round mah dick."
She lumbered towards Jubilee.
"Hey, sweet l'l thang," Rogue grinned.
Jubilee looked in surprise at the fat, muscular figure waddling towards her, dressed in a white wife-beater stressed over her tits, a pair of torn jeans, and some steel-toed boots.
"Gimme some sugah, sugah."
* * *
Emma Frost leaned back.
"Fuck, so much fucking power," she laughed. "Is it enough for Jean?"
She thought for a moment.
"Jean and Scott will be returning to the mansion soon. I better get things ready for their welcome back party."
She ran her talons over her crimson body.
"Mmmm, it will be one they remember."
* * *
The Trickster appeared in the Batcave.
"Better take him out of the running first. If anyone could spoil my fun, it would be the Bat."

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