Trickster gets ready for the Bat

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation
Previous Chapter Sage continues to face fuck a transforming Boom-Boom.

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Looking around Trickster can easily see various good hiding spots from which she could get at the Bat. Sitting on Batman's chair she can hear the sounds of bats becoming annoyed she casts a spell turning all of the male bats into cocks with wings and the female bats into pussies with wings. Soon after the sound of cocks entering pussies is heard throughout the cave.
"Now that's better that's the sound I like to hear." Trickster says grinning
"Excuse me Miss but this place is strictly off limits I'm afraid I'll have ta ask you to leave." Alfred says holding a shotgun.
"Ah the ever faithful servant I suppose I have time to deal with you before the Bat." Trickster says as she prepares to transform Alfred.
* * *
Sage grabs the two dick horns growing out of where her ears used to be. Thrusting into Boom-Boom Sage looks at her face seeing that her eyes have been replaces with breasts. Seeing the new change Sage sucks at the new breasts finding them full of milk. Fortunately for Boom-Boom her original pair of breasts now massive fuckbags the nipples change as they become a pair of eyes.
Sage raises an eyebrow at this recent change not stopping in fucking Boom-Boom's body for a second. Watching Sage sees Boom-Boom's hair fall out only for her hair to be replaced by a swarm of writhing cocks.
"Yes that's it Boom-Boom keep changing get sexier." Sage takes her cock and thrusts into Boom-Boom's cunt.
Sage can't help by smile at how great Boom-Boom's cunt is it's like she's being blown while fucking a cunt. Sage's feeling is right as Boom-Boom's cunt has shifted to also operate as her new mouth always willing and ready for cock.

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