Rachel and the Teachers

by Anzaleth
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"Now, wait a minute, Rachel," Scott said. "I don't think that--"

"That's Headmistress Rachel to you, daddy dearest," Rachael sneered. "Besides, you're totally fine with that, aren't you? It's very liberating to finally admit to yourself what an incompetent old hag Jean Gray is, doesn't it? Much too old for you, and a total distraction from what you care about."
"What I care about?" Scott felt strange as Rachel reached deep into his brain.

"Giving many of the students the discipline they need. After all, Emma Frost is so naughty, isn't she? Such a prancing little tease. You'll have to give her plenty of detention and make sure she and her Pink Princesses treat you with proper respect."


"And Lola! Doesn't it make you feel so great that Wolverine has finally been forced to acknowledge what a pathetic excuse for a man he used to be and what a silly sissy he was deep down."
Scott nodded, though looked very confused.
"Well, Daddy dearest, you're be Lola's personal mentor to teach her how to behave around a real man, yes? So, what with disciplining Emma and tutoring Lola, and all the other naughty girls, you'll really have no time for such an incompetent bimbo as Jean Gray, right?"
Scott nodded, smiling as he thought how he'd punish Lola for ever thinking she was as much a man as him.
* * *
Princess Starfire held a hand over her mouth as she cutely giggled, watching Raven kiss Blackfire's ass. She was realizing that having her sister-princess here may be a nicer idea than she thought. It would indeed be nice to have a special friend to go shopping with together, chat together, try on outfits together, suck Shockerdaddy's cock together.
It would even give them more opportunities to torment Nightwing for being such a limp-dicked loser. Starfire imagined texting images of her making out with Blackfire, giving dick the finger together, or thrusting their big orange asses together at the photo, telling Nightwing to kiss them.
Starfire giggled again.
"Oh, friend-servant Raven, you are quite the ass-kisser."
* * *
Emma Frost sneered.
"Those 'Red Hotties' think they can hold a handle towards the Pink Princesses? We'll show them, won't we?"
"Yes, Princess Emma!' the other Pink Princesses all said in unison.
In this changed reality, the Stepford Cuckoos were the same age as Emma, and rather than being her students, they were her loyal fangirl clones.
Emma giggled. How could any other cheerleader team compare to this? A team of identical blonde hotties, all acting in total unison.
"Let's see that bitch Charlie top that!"
* * *
May Parker staggered out of the room and leaned against the wall to steady herself.
She had a goofy grin on her face.
"Fuck, that was a good fucking!" she giggled.
Mary Jane was licking some cum from her mouth as she came out of her own room, and she stopped in surprise, staring at her. Was that May? But she looked so sexy and slutty. And so well-fucked!
Mary Jane giggled.
* * *
Boomerang adjusted his tie.
"Where are you going, master?"
"Out!" He grinned. "I've been cooped up in front of that computer for too long. I'm going to have a night on the town."

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