Headmistress Rachel continues to address her staff

by JimmyKasche
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"What about Jean?" Storm said.

"I just went over it she is to be treated like an incompetent bitch." Rachel said firmly.

"I know that is what you are saying... but surely the Young Jean that is a student here would want to be inspired to become the woman she is... and not depressed knowing that everyone despises her here." Storm continued.

"Oh, I have plans for Young Jean... I am going to personally tutor her so she becomes the shining example of the Meyer's Method. Formerly Destined to become a foolish parody of a woman... but thanks to hard work becomes one of the schools star pupils." Rachel says with a smile imagining the time displaced version of her mother kneeling in front of Fred Meyers as she lovingly gives a blowjob to her new master.

"Umm... Ah also have a question." Rogue states.

"Hmm?" Rachel says turning to look at the southern belle.

"well... you talk about all this sex as a reward... but... that ah have a different problem than some of the others." Rogue says sheepishly.

Rachel pursed her lips in thought... but inwardly was pleased that  her psychic pressure was causing the teachers to find themselves more receptive to Rachel's radical new ideas.


"But Master... surely we should go with you... for your protection. It's what me and Power Tits were born to do." purred Cumslut Marvel.

"Oh Carol, we both know why you really want to come with me and it has very little with GUARDING my body." Boomerang said as he finished preparing to leave. "Besides you two sluts both know that if I need you, you'll know it."

Carol pouted as Boomerang walked out the door.

"So like what are we supposed to do now? Play Yahtzee?" Harley giggled.

"You are going to lick my cunt." Carol said grabbing Harley by one of her pigtails.

"haiwatsabigidea!" Harley yelped out.

"There's a hierarchy around here Harley. Me and Carol we're the Boomerbabes so we're on top if Master's not around... then the girls like Felicia with jobs... right now... you are at the bottom with Elektra as just a cumslut." Power Tits said calmly.

"Hey!" Cumslut Marvel mocked a pout as she dragged Harley over to the couch

"You know I didn't mean it that way." Kara shook her head.

"But he's gone ... and like he showed how he was doin' all the things he was doin'! Why don't we just go and uh... like change things back?" Harley said still trying to struggle.

Kara and Carol both broke out into a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Harley demanded to know.

"Should we tell her?" Carol said looking at Power Tits.

"I dunno it's always fun to see their faces afterwards." the kryptonian replies.

"Yeah, but I like her feisty like this..." Carol said still holding Harley by her pigtails in front of her.

"Will one you two super blondies tell me what in tarnation you are talking about!" Harley fumed while scrunching her nose in frustration.


"Ok girls, I think it's time I break in our little servant slut." Shocker says squeezing Starfire's tits through her bikini top.

"Ok Daddy... I have an idea that would be most fun for me and my sister to do." Starfire says with a giggle hopping off his leg and skipping over to Blackfire, she leans over and whispers into Raven's ear. "Be a good girl Friend-Servant Raven and listen to what daddy says."

"yesh...princesh." Raven says while still worshiping Blackfire's ass.

"OK then... dear sister I have soo many good ideas to share..." Starfire said with a giggle as she pats Raven on the head like a dog.

"Oh?" Blackfire says as she and Starfire wrap their arms around each other in a side hug as they walk out of the room.


In a dark alley of Fawcett City, a woman is surrounded by a bunch of leather clad punks.

"Hey Chica, where do you think you're going this time a night... there are some real weirdos out you know?" One of the punks says with a laugh.

The woman watches in fear as they continue to posture in front of her... until there is a single flash of lightning and suddenly a familiar voice rings out over the scene.

"What do we have here?" Mary Marvel says as she hovers in the air.

The woman's eyes stare in shock as Mary Marvel lowers to the ground her outfit has changed considerably... gone was the one piece red and gold skirt... and in its place was a tight red leather mini skirt, and a black leather tube top... that barely contained her breasts especially with the lightning bolt cut out... and the right half of her head was shaved.

"Did you boys get me some fresh meat, to play with?" Mary said standing next to the punks.

"Sure did Mary." the lead punk said.

"You boys are so sweet." Mary said giving him a peck on the cheek, before looking over the scared woman.

"She's cute... got some real great tits on her doesn't she?" Mary says groping her.

"yeah, we can totally do something with this... give me and Anya a week and she'll be ready to work." Mary said with a smile.

"W-w-work?" she said.

"Hush dear." Mary says before punching her in the stomach causing her to lose her breath "See you boys back at base... for a little more fun." She shakes her ass a bit before hoisting the woman and flying off to the sky.

Inwardly Mary was still shocked at her actions... she had been so mean nasty and naughty for the past few months... she wasn't sure what was wrong with her... but ever since she and Spider-Girl gave a speech at a High School about female empowerment everything had gone strange.  After all, the speech ended with both Anya and Mary both agreeing that the High School seniors should learn how to suck cock to get the things they want.. among other rather poor advice. Afterwards, the two went and found "the Phantoms" and the two superheroines went weak at the knees and begged for membership willing to do anything to get it... one gangbang later and the leader put the two eager sluts to work the streets... and eventually to train the new recruits like the slutty bitch over her shoulder. Mary shook her head that wasn't a nice thing to call the woman... but it was becoming increasingly harder to think straight.


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