Trickster has fun with Alfred before taking down the Bat.

by Anzaleth
Storyline Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation
Previous Chapter Trickster gets ready for the Bat

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Alfred dropped his shotgun as he felt intense pain in his stomach and crotch. He doubled-over, desperately groping at his chest. His hair began to lengthen and thicken as well.
"Oooo, how are you feeling, Alfie?" Trickster giggled. "Don't worry. You'll still be the faithful servant here. Just a faithful servant to who? That's the question."
* * *
Boom-Boom was excited to discover that her arms had transformed into masses of writhing cock tentacles. Soon nothing about her would look anything close to human at all!
Sage moaned as some of Boom-Boom's tentacles squeezed her tits or caressed her ass.
"Yesss!' Sage moaned as she fucked Boom-Boom's cunt-mouth harder. "You beautiful sex-freak!"
Boom-Boom's other tentacles began to caress the giant dripping cunt and huge double-dick that hung between her legs.
* * *
"Yes, very pretty," Trickster said as she looked at the former Alfred.
Alfred had become a very busty beautiful woman with long curly black hair and huge tits churning with milk. She was dressed in a fetishized French maid out and the skirt was tenting due to a very clear, thick erection.
"How do you feel, Alfreda?" Trickster asked.
"Ready to serve Madame," the maid moaned. "And fuck naughty sluts!"
* * *
Meanwhile, Jean and Scott's car arrive at the X-Mansion, not expecting anything.

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