MJ and May cruise the clubs for cock

by Anzaleth
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"MMmm, hey, is that Joe Robertson?" Mary Jane giggled.

"Who?" May asked, feeling a little tipsy.
"You know, one of Peter's bosses. Editor-in-chief at the Daily Bugle."
"Yes, he always seemed like a nice man," May said.
"And a big man." Mary Jane grinned. "Hey, May, you ever have any black dick?"
Mary Jane wondered how Petey would react if he saw a picture of his aunt and his wife each sucking one of Robbie's big black balls.
* * *
"Hey, babe!"
Jubilee sauntered up to Laura. Lola thought Jubilee looked really tough. Most of her head was shaved, and she was wearing a spiky leather jacket, torn leather pants, big boots, and lots of piercings.
Jubilee took a puff of her cigarette, then thrust her tongue down Laura's throat.
Lola squirmed as the two bad-girls made out in front of her.
"Who's the squirt?" Jubilee asked.
"This is my little sissy sister," Laura sighed.
"Hey, kiddo," Jubilee's tongue clicked as she ran the piercing over her lip ring, looking at Lola like she was a piece of meat.
"Ummm, hey," Lola said, feeling very intimidated by the tough bad girl.
* * *
Beast-Boy's phone beeped. His eyes went wide as he saw the picture he'd been sent.
Starfire and Blackfire were in tiny monokinis, pressed against each other, their big boobs squishing, as they stuck their tongues out at the camera with the caption "Hey, little green loser, you know any real men who can give us the fucking we need?"
The next picture had them thrusting their big asses at the camera with the caption "Kiss our beautiful orange princess asses, you limp-dicked gremlin."
The last one just had them pointing and laughing: "I hope your hand is a good girlfriend to you, because it's the only one that will ever touch your tiny green jellybean."
Beast-Boy whimpered as he began to rub his cock.
* * *

Betsy had muttered something about "big-dicked young studs" and her "well-toned British ass" and then hurried off, leaving Storm to ponder the staff-meeting.

Storm wondered how Kitty was doing. The busty teacher cared a lot for the sweet girl -- she knew Kitty thought of her as a mentor. Storm was concerned that Kitty perhaps didn't have what it took to do well in school. Storm would have to take her under her wing. Bring her in for special tutoring. Speical one-on-one tutoring, with Kitty kneeling between Storm's legs....

* * *

"I wonder if Kitty would lick my ass if I told her?" Charlize mused.
"Oh, you're such a bitch!" Mags laughed as she give her bestie's bubble-butt another squeeze.
"That's why you love me, baby," the telepath replied as she kissed Mags on the lips.
The two teens fell on to the bed and began to vigorously make-out. 
Mags stroked Charlize's long, luxurious hair. She knew how much it turned her pal on.

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