Dick gets distracted by the texts

by JimmyKasche
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Dick shook his head as he saw the picture of Bryce, before turning back to Black Widow and Quake.

"Anyway, that's where my investigation hit a wall. Everything shows that it's alright but it seems strange that Bruce would just vanish without a trace without at least telling me." He continued.

"Maybe the fact that he has an 18 year old daughter shocked him into wanting to go into radio silence mode while he worked out how." Black Widow said with a shrug.

"That's possible, and that seems to be what Alfred thinks happened.... but I still think he would have told me." Dick said as his phone vibrated again.

"Maybe it was sudden and he didn't want to worry you over nothing..." Quake added.

Dick's eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he saw Starfire and Blackfire in tiny monokinis flipping off the camera.... with the caption "Me and my sister are horny and looking for a real man... do you know any, Limp Dick?" followed by another where the two were passionately making out with each other "Don't you wish you were here? (We don't.)"

"Do you need to go take care of something." Quake smirked.

"uh... no... no everything is fine." Nightwing said flustered "It's just... uh.. nevermind."


Bobbi lead Lola by the hand giving her a tour of the school.

"Over there is Professor Summers classroom... you'll love him he's so big and strong and hawt! ... of course he's not as great as Professor Drake but like... who is." Bobbi giggled as Lola imagined Scott it made her little clitty hard for some reason thinking of his old rival.

"And over there is... EEP!" Bobbi squeals

"Hey Elsa? Who's your little friend?" X-23 said walking over to the pair with a sneer.

"Hi... Laura this is..." Bobbi begins but Laura puts her hand in his face and sniffs a bit before breaking out into a deep laugh.

"Oh man... Old man is that you...." Laura continued laughing " You look real good."

"Uh... thanks Laura but my name is Lola not old man... cause I'm not a man... I'm a silly little sissy." Lola said with a smile.

"This just gets so much better... I ... I have to tell Jubilee about this." Laura is still in stitches over what has transpired.

"Hello Bobbi, Laura... Lola is it." A stern voice said causing Bobbi's eyes to light up.

"Hi professor Drake." the blonde sissy said in a dreamy voice.

"What are you up to?" Bobby said.

"I'm showing Lola around school to introduce her to people." Bobbi said with a smile.

"Well I think her big sister Laura can handle that... I have something important I Want to share with you in private." The older Iceman said with a grin.

"OOOOOH!" Bobbi squeed and hugged the teacher.

"That's no problem is it Laura." Iceman said with a firm tone.

"Do I have too... my little sis-ter totally cramps my badgirl image." Laura said regaining composure as the remnants of Rachel's psychic instruction wash over her.

"If you do it I promise I'll give you an extra rough ass fuck later." Robert says.

"mmm... now you are speaking my language. Let's go Lola." Laura says as she grabs the former Wolverine's hand.


"Like where is your sister already Mags!" Charlize stomped her foot

"She's not my sister... I think." Mags was deep in thought.

"How do you not know if Wanda is your sister or not?" Charlize asked the platinum blonde.

"It's complicated ok!" Mags said with crossed arms... just then Kitty Pryde walked by the two arguing and then did a double take at the two girls.

"Magneto, Professor? What happened?!" The chestnut brunette asks with a panicked voice.

"Who are you talking about?" Mags said with a shrug looking at Charlize.

"Hey Nerd! You do my homework yet?" Charlize said staring at Kitty.

"What... I..." Kitty's eyes blank for a moment as the changes to both the school and Charles Xavier fill her mind... "n--n-not yet Charlize... I was just .... going to do it now... I'm sorry."

"That's right... and make sure when you hand it in it has my name on it this time." Charlize says with a huff.

"Yes, Charlize... anything you want... and then..." Kitty said with a hopeful inflection.

"What?" the mean girl said.

"Like I can join the Red hotties, right? You promised" Kitty asked.

"Uh... yeah sure... whatever." Charlize said while Mags looked a little confused at her response.

Kitty gave a fangirl squee and scampered off to do the assignment for Charlize.

"You can't be serious... I mean I know we need more members but her?" Mags said with hands on her hips.

"Only if we're totally desperate... I just really like fucking with the nerd... she'll do whatever I want if I even hint that we'll let her in this clique." Charlize giggles.

"Oh you bad bitch..." Mags swats Charlize on the ass lightly.


MJ and May sat at a local bar a bit more upscale than the place Mary Jane went to find the Enforcers, and ordered a pair of cosmos.

"So... MJ, you're a totally hot slut, right?" May said to the redhead.

"I've been called that before," Mary Jane grinned.

"So... like you know where a girl could get some real good cock right?" May said taking a drink.

"Oh... yeah... I know a place nearby we can go and get some cocks to spare." Mary Jane said with a grin.

"Oh... no thank you, I don't think I could sleep with my Peter." May said taking a drink.

"Oh... you misunderstood... me and Peter have a complicated relationship... and lets just say that I fuck other guys all the time." MJ smiles.

"Oh?" May says with a little shock.

"MMhmm... trust me May... if it's cocks you want stick with me and you'll hit the jackpot." MJ grins like a tiger while taking another drink.


Harley blinked she thought she remembered something weird.. what was it... then she looked at the pc in front of her.

"Oh yeah! I totally used this machine to make me like... amazing and stuff..." Harley said in a breathy voice, before looking next to the couch and seeing her mallet.

"Mastah M's gonna be so surprised when he comes back... heheh... better give the old test though... I'll make that dumb blonde pay for like making me lick her tasty cunt." Harley pouted as she got up and walked over to her mallet.

"This oughtta do the trick." She smirked and tried to lift it... "hnnngh... wow... this thing is like even heavier than I remember..."  she gives it another big tug and manages to get it up over her head... but is unable to keep it over her head and stumbles backwards.

"Ahhh!" She trips over the edge of the couch... normally Harley would be able to end in some kinda somersault or other acrobatic maneuver to catch herself... but Fred decided that to counter the speed she wanted... he made the new Harley a klutz... and she landed with a thud on her cushy ass.

"Like ow... what gives...' Harley pouted as the mallet clattered next to her... the movement also caused her boobs to jiggle and pop out of the tiny red and black bikini top she was in.

"Look at my boobies...big bouncy boobies" Harley giggled as she began groping her tits and nipples.

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