Alfred's maids pleasure him

by JimmyKasche
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Jasmine and Tina's eyes go wide and dive down to their knees between Alfred's legs, quickly fumbling and fighting over their master's pants hoping to beat their sister to their wonderful prize.

Alfred leaned back laughing to himself watching as the two former Robins, both of which had caused him untold number of trouble, try to curry his favor.

A few moments into their fighting, they stopped in awe at the majestic power of his manly rod that sprang out over his pants and towered over both of them. The Two maids quickly regained their bearing and ran their tongues up either side of the meatstick... until they got to the top and the two ended up cheek to cheek jockeying to be the one to get the shaft into their petite little sissy mouths.

As they fight amongst themselves Selina sways into the study holding a phone on a silver tray.

"Master Pennyworth, you have a phonecall from a Mr. Jarvis wishing to speak to you." Selina purred while staring at Alfred's exposed cock.

"Very Good Ms. Kyle... I shall take it now." Alfred gestured with her to bring the phone to him and his obedient head maid did as such.

"Jasmine, Tina... both of you have disappointed me again." Alfred says as he looks at them.

"What did we do Master?" The two say in unison.

"Both of you were derelict in your duties... the phone rang and neither of you attempted to answer it... therefore neither of you get to suck on my shaft first... Selina since you are clearly my most obedient take your place." Alfred barks.

"With pleasure Master..." Selina smirks as she slinks to her knees and easily pushes the two Robinson's out of her way.

"I didn't tell you two to sit around playing with your sissyclits... lick my balls." Alfred says and the two sissies get to work as Selina begins to take the shaft into his mouth... It was good to be the head of the manor... "Now... let's see what my good friend Edwin wants."


"Sister, I am fine with the taunting of the green perv... but I do not approve of offering to sell our undergarments to him." Starfire said to her sister while playing with her bikini bottom to give her as much of a front wedgie as she could for more sexy/mocking photos.

"Oh... dear sister... I know he's a creepy perv... but if we can get him to say he'll pay a lot of money... we can potentially make some... and have ammunition to mock him more... " Blackfire says as she pinches her nipples through her bikini to make sure they stick out.

"I do not understand how?" Starfire says perplexed.

"Easy... we taunt that it's the closest he'd ever get to a woman's cunt... and the only way he'd be able to get the scent of a hot woman's arousal... hell I bet if we prod him enough we could demand he send us pictures wearing them... wouldn't that be quite the embarrassment to accidentally find itself all over the city." Blackfire cackles.

"OOooh... you are the most bitchy dear sister." Starfire joined in giggling.

"Oh you have no idea... after all I didn't even get to suggest making fliers advertising his Beast Bitch services." Blackfire grinned causing Starfire to snort in laughter at the idea.

"Pervert Alert!" Starfire's phone yells out in her sing song voice letting her know Beast Boy responded to Blackfire's last text.


Mary Jane checked her makeup in a compact and walked up to Rhino.

"Hey Stud... looking for a good time?" Mary Jane said to the disguised villain

"WHAT!?" Rhino looked around paranoid

"Oh easy Tiger... my name's Cherry... me and my friend Gwen here see a powerful man like you walking in a place like this and it gets us all excited." Mary Jane said putting everything into her voice to sound as sexually charged as possible.

"Hi!" May said with a smile.

"Uh... hey... what's the big idea?" Rhino sneered.

"Oh... don't tell me a BIG.... strong... man like yourself is scared of two little streetwalking sluts like us." MJ said with a mock angelic voice.

"Huh... oh... OOOOH!" Rhino said as realization as to what was happening washed over him.

"You two little whores are hot to trot huh... you think the two of you can handle my horn?" Rhino said way to proud of his pun.

"Like no... we wanna like suck your dick." May said confused.

"Excuse Gwenny she's a bit dim... but if you got the cash we'll polish it REAL good." MJ licked her lips suggestively.

"Fuck yeah." Rhino thought to himself.


"So what are you up to slut?" Jubilee said with a smile at her slutty best friend.

"Prof. Drake wants me to show the little squirt off around school." Laura said.

"Ugh... lame." Jubilee responded blowing a bubble with her gum.

"Yeah, I know but he promised he'd ram my ass with his massive dick up my ass nice and rough if I did." Laura responded.

"Nice... of course that's assuming he doesn't tire himself out on fucking that snow princess version of himself... is that me or is that totally freaky by the way?" Jubilee said.

"Well I dunno... look at Lola here. You're telling me you don't want to get your strap on and pound her asshole until she passes out?" Laura says pointing out the petite sissy.

"Well not really... but I'm not as much of a sex freak as you I guess." Jubilee said looking at her friend.

"Says you... I've heard the stories." Laura fires back at a confused Lola sits and watches.

"Those are all lies! ...wait what stories? " Jubilee backtracks.


"Now then what did you do wrong Emma?" Scott says between slaps.

"I like... didn't offer to let you use my slutty fuckholes when I started talking to you?" Emma said between shrieky moans.

"Good girl." Scott pet her head like a dog. "Neither did the other princesses here... so I want you to use your powers so they feel the next few blows like you do."

"Yes, sir." Emma said biting her lip as Scott squeezed her offered backside.

"Now then... count off girls." Scott said authoritatively with a grin.


"Hello Edwin" Alfred said over the phone.

"Hello Alfred, I've been wondering I've heard you have recently taken charge of your house recently." Mr. Jarvis said.

"Ah yes... I had handled many problems here, with Master Bruce disappearing so suddenly. So many pains in my arse all put into their proper places. No more of the late night rendezvous and dangerous missions or worrying that I'd find their name in the papers." Alfred continued.

"How'd you do it? I feel greatly underappreciated in my current capacity and wish to take charge here as well." Jarvis said.

"Well if you can keep a secret I'll tell you." Alfred responded.

"Of course I can Alfred" JArvis said.

"Alright, but I am warning you no one must know any of what I'm telling you."

"Alright alright... I promise on my honor." Jarvis relents.

"Good... Master Bruce didn't really disappear... I replaced him."

"What do you mean?"

"Bryce Wayne is actually just Master Bruce after I ran a rather extensive rehabilitation program on him. I knew he would never be happy if Batman still existed... and the only way I could kill the Batman was to remove the man from the equation all together."

"So that means..."

"Yes, Destiny was formerly Damien, Tina and Jasmine were Tim Drake and Jason Todd. Now I don't have to worry about any of them... Destiny and Bryce are perfectly normal teenage girls. I don't have to worry about seeing Tim in the obituaries or Jason arrested for the numerous murders he committed. Now they both are absolutely terrified about doing anything reckless and stupid like that isn't that right girls."

"Yes, Master Alfred" Jarvis heard the two maids say in unison.

"And Selina Kyle?"

"The former Catwoman... she was more a gift to myself... I always admired how beautiful she was... and I was sure that she and Bruce would be happy together if Bruce would only try... but he never could commit to that." Alfred said

"I see... this all sounds insane... but I fully believe you wouldn't lie to me... how is this possible?"

"Well I can give you the number to the man that set this up... he may ask for something extraordinary in return so be prepared you may have to give up some of your future riches for your prize... be sure to tell him that I spoke to you."

Jarvis quickly jotted down the number mind filling with ideas on what he could do to all those that looked down on him... the Winsome Wasp as his personal slave maid... Tony Stark reduced to the type of bimbo he usually brought home... Captain America turned into a bikini babe saluting his pole... the options were endless.


Fred grinned he flirted with Carol Ferris one of the most beautiful and richest women in the world and she was receptive of even his most basic lines. He was on cloud 9 and he owed it all to the master PC... he watched Carol eat her chocolate covered strawberry dessert with a grin on his face... he had of course influenced her to make a show of it... and he was certain no straight male within earshot wasn't painfully erect.

"So... after you pay the check... want to go back to your place, Carol?" Fred said with a grin "For coffee and to talk business obviously."

"mmm... that sounds like a wonderful idea." Carol said with a sensual purr as she signaled for the check.

The waiter walked over and put it on the table before Carol could get it to pay for the check like she had just agreed Fred scooped it up first.

"Well... that's strange." Fred said with a quizzical look.

"What is it?" Carol said confused.

"It says the total is to give the waiter a tittyfuck." Fred said with a smile.

"...really?" Carol said confused... as she looked at the waiter.

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