Alfred enjoys his maids

by Anzaleth
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"Mmmm, good kitty," Alfred murmured as he stroked Selina's head while she swallowed his shaft. "Keep it up and you'll get lots of cream.

Selina purred as she stuffed the delicious throbbing man-meat into her mouth.
She loved Mr. Pennyworth so much. He fucked her in all her slutty holes, gave her the savage, dominating fucking that a silly kitty like her needed so bad. He gave her a couple of silly sissy maids to dominate. And... if little Bryce was really naughty, Mr. Pennyworth let her discipline the Batman.
Yes, he'd told he what Bryce Wayne used to be. Alfred had smiled as Selina Kyle had grinned nastily at the idea. She'd creamed her panties when he'd promised that she'd punish that silly thing when Bryce was bad.
Yeah, spanking the Bat-Brat on her bat-butt, making the former Robins scream with Selina's giant ridged strap-on, and being covered inside and out with Mr. Pennyworth's cum.
Life was so good for the former Catwoman. She wouldn't want it any other way!
* * *
Storm sighed. Though she could certainly understand Betsy's preference for her students -- they were certainly much more enjoyable to fuck than the old stodgy teachers -- Storm did think it was a shame that Betsy was only obsessed with student dick.
After all, many of the girls needed a firm hand as well. A firm spank to their ass and then for them to kiss Storm's.
The teacher purred and ran a hand down her body. Yes, she knew she had a beautiful mocha ass, and there were so many students who would benefit from giving it a nice big kiss before moving on to her dripping teacher twat.
Such as Kitty.
For such a smart girl, she seemed to have such trouble focus in class.
* * *
"Oooo, looks like Garfield is offering a lot of money," Starfire giggled as she saw that message.
"Yeah, the little green goblin is loaded," Blackfire snickered. "But I have a nasty idea, sister dear."
"Yes, dearest Blackfire?"
"Let's make the little perv pay for it."
* * *
Henrietta McCoy moaned as she pushed her hand down her skirt, squeezing her sissy clit. The young sissy embodied "sexy nerd," with her big lasses, hair in a bun, long white lab coat, and tight sweater that her big fat sissy tits pressed against.
She was so grateful that Dr. McCoy had shown her that the young X-Men were such inferior unmanly copies of the originals and deserved to be transformed into sissy toys for the original. She was so grateful that Dr. McCoy had made her his personal assistant in transforming other failed men into sassy sissies. She was so grateful that he took such good care of her.
But right now she was soooooo horny.
* * *
Mary Jane cooed as the Rhino handed her a wad of bills once he brought her and May to his hotel room. She took a sniff of the money. It smelled so fucking good. Money made by whoring herself and Aunt May off to villains. It was just icing on the cake.
"Now, we'll only let you fuck us on one condition," Mary Jane said.
"What's that?"
"We're a pair of dirty depraved whores and you need to treat us like that," Mary Jane said. "Stretch all our holes and act out every single one of your depraved fantasies on our slutty bodies. And start with that bitch."
She pointed at May.
MJ wanted to get some good photos with her phone to savour the moment.
* * *
Beast Boy squirmed as he got another text from Starfire.
"No, that is not good enough," the text said. "Tell us how much you need it, Beast Boy. Tell us how desperate you are to sniff our panties, you little green gnome hung like the green gerbil."
Beast Boy whimpered, his hand stuffed down his pants. He couldn't stop jerking off!
* * *
"Well, how about you and Sabretooth?" Laura cooed. "I hear you've been riding his big ol' cock as much as you've been riding his motorcycle. Hanging out with his motorcycle gang of mutant thugs, riding the back of his ol' hawg."
"Well, what if I am?" Jubilee shrugged as she lit a cigarette.
"I wouldn't mind having some fun with that well-hung bastard," Laura said. "Hey, maybe he'd like a foursome?"
"Foursome?" Jubilee asked.
"I mean, once we double-team that squirt with our strap-ons, I bet Sabretooth would love to give a go."
Jubilee sniggered as Lola blushed. The thought did make her a little wet.
* * *
Bryce Wayne pouted as she give her bestie a text. She needed to complain about what a meanie Alfred is.

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