The group enter the Hall of Justice... Wow, what a mess!

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Wonder Woman Superman Hawkgirl Aquaman Mera
Category DC M/F Pheromones Transformation Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter Hawkgirl; Queen of the Harpies finds Wonder Woman.

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Stepping into the Halls of Justice, the group of satyrs looked around and blinking in shock. Where once stood statues of the greatest heroes of the League were now a pile of rubble, the floors cracked and ruined along with large bite marks in the couches by the door. The decorative fountain lay crumbling with a pool of water flowing over the floor where growing out of all the etches and cracks of the tiles, wild plants branches out. Bushes and trees jutted out of the floor and out the walls, enveloping the ceiling with leaves and branches. It was as if the team had travelled hundreds of years into the future where the building had been overtaken by nature and neglect. Really, it was more like 48 hours.


“wow… What a dump!”


“Hush sweetie…” Scolded Diana to her daughter Eris, calming the growing storm of kicking in her belly as she took in the scent of the place. Apart from the scent of wild flowers and freshly grown trees and plants rapidly growing through the entire place, Diana could smell something else that made her nipples go stiff and her pussy grow warm.  The scent of sex that just permeated the entire area. Looking to the others, she found they noticed the same thing. Superman was trying to hold down a hard on with Hawk Girl and Lois panting and fanning themselves. Looking over to the rest of her kids, Diana found them in the same state. Panting and holding themselves as if they would fall over, but she knew that they were hornier than a bag full of hamsters, and if she didn’t do something soon then the front lobby was going to be an orgy.


“Okay, just gotta find the rest of the League and we can get a plan forming.”  It was only then that she spotted a toddler at the remains of a door leading deeper into the hall, a blonde furred little bundle of joy with a furry dolphin’s tail and a single stub for a horn, sucking her thumb while looking at the group at the door. Bending at the knee and crouching down to see the little Capricorn child, Diana waved to the little girl. “Oh, hey sweetheart, where did you come from?” Seeing the toddler run off, the group followed her.


“Hmmm, that smell’s getting stronger… And HOTTER!” Gasped Demeter, pawing at her large breasts and leaning against the wall to steady herself. “You’re telling me! Feels like I’m in a cologne factory.”


Turning a corner to where the little Capricorn ran, Gaea ran ahead towards the swimming pool to catch up. “There you are, you little… HOLY CRAP!!!!”


Stunned stupid when everyone else finally caught up to the pregnant satyress, the group of goat people found themselves staring into a swimming pool crowded with Capricorns grinding against each other. Whatever water was in the pool had been drained out completely, either having been drank or absorbed by those still in the pool. Braying and moaning like cattle, the dozen or so Capricorns ground against each other, hellbent to make even more of their kid. Arthur and Mera where at the center of the orgy, with Aquaman balls deep into his wife, her flipper tail hanging over his shoulder while he thrust rough and hard into her. Mera howled and moaned, four arcs of milk spraying out of her thick nipples, her belly drum tight with a new litter and cum oozing out of her stretched pussy.


The pool room was heavy with the smell, Diana’s nostrils flared like a female in heat from the pheromones the couple and their kids gave off. She wanted to join them, to lose herself in them, to grow heavy and fat with child and churn out Capricorns of her own. Whimpering in arousal, Diana looked to the others and found them in the same position. She found her daughters with heavy lidded eyes panting and slowly inching their way towards the pool. Shayera fluttered her wings, her and her children looking they were in a trance stumbling forward when Aquaman roared out in orgasm. Fighting an internal battle and slowly losing, Wonder Woman turned her attention to Superman and got an idea. “Clark…” Pressing up against him, Diana tried to get his attention but was pleasantly surprised when he pulled her close and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth and eliciting a moan out of her when he squeezed at her rear. Fluttering her eyes, she felt his erection bob and thump against the underside of her womb, demanding entry into her pussy.


Panting more hoarsely, Diana shook her head and gave Superman a hungry look before leaning closer to whisper into his pointed ear. “You’ll get your chance soon stud, but if you REALLY want a fun time with me… Take a deep breath and blow into the pool.” Drunk with arousal, Clark nodded his head and breathed in deeply, using his freezing breath to fill the swimming pool area and have the temperature drop by 50 degrees. The results were instantaneous.


“Mmm, hot, HOT… Cold… Cold, cold, COLD, cold, cold.!”


Shivering in the pool and instantly sobered up again, the Capricorns and Diana’s team had snapped out of it and shivered in the large pool room, shivering and holding themselves to keep warm. Arthur and Mera separated and instantly clung together to keep warm in the cold, looking at each other like they had just woken from a long sleep to find the mess they were in and the creatures they had turned into. Aquaman found himself staring into the abyss of his wife’s cleavage, her four breasts pressed up against his chest while her nipples had become so stiff they threatened to cut glass. “By Neptune’s beard, what the hell happened to us?” Looking over to the rest of the League at the entrance to the pool, Diana shivered stepping forward to greet the two and their horde of children, holding herself tight and chattering her teeth in the cold. “W-w-w-welcome b-b-b-back you t-t-two, b-b-b-boy do I have a story f-f-f-for you.”

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