Green Arrow and Black Canary find Buck's herd and are greeted by a massive Zatanna!

by Gorel
Storyline Justice League: Satyr Silliness.
Characters Black Canary Green Arrow Zatanna Power Girl
Category Growth DC Rapid Pregnancy Pheromones Transformation
Previous Chapter The group enter the Hall of Justice... Wow, what a mess!

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On the other side of the city, a wall of plant growth had been spreading rapidly through the streets. It had started from wherever water had spilled on the ground, but a large concentration of newly grown forests had begun to spread out of what used to be Merlyn’s mansion. Guided by some strange instinct, Black Canary with her husband and children migrated from their ruined home towards the heart of that forest. “Come ON Oliver, I can smell them, we’re so close now.” Panted Dinah, stroking the dome of her belly and panting with exertion. Ever since they stripped down their house down to its foundation, Dinah had been trying to hold in her current litter that kicked and jolted at the walls of her womb, she wanted to show buck that she wanted to add to his herd, and what better declaration than to give birth right in front of him.


The deeper in the forest they travelled the stronger the scent became, it was completely intoxicating. Green Arrow found himself struggling with a permanent hard on that swayed back and force as he walked, leering at his pregnant wife’s back side sway with each step. Eventually the couple and their dozen or so kids finally made it to Buck’s herd, what they found surprised even them. Hundreds of Satyrs filled the clearing that used to be the foundation of Merlyn’s mansion, eating what was left or fornicating everywhere in sight. But what really surprised them was how huge everyone was. Compared to the satyrs of Buck’s heard, Black Canary and Green Arrow were children. Easily 10 feet tall if not taller and taking up more space than a large van, it was as if the family of goat people had stumbled onto a colony of elephants. And for every massive satyr eating to their heart’s content or fucking like animals, there were 3 or more babies or toddlers running around causing mischief, or nursing from the closest female that decided to lounge and bask at being fed from.


“Oh, HEY you two, welcome to the party!” Cheered a familiar voice from the crowd, turning to the source of the voice, Dinah whimpered and bit her lip.


Stomping towards her and her husband stood Buck, an 11-foot-tall bull of a satyr that towered over the couple. Having decided to enjoy his new size, Buck had grown up and out, bulging with corded muscle and sporting a beer belly. His testicles had swollen to the size of bowling balls and his erection was now over two feet long and thicker than a tomato juice can. Gripping either side of his arms stood Zatanna and Power Girl, who had grown just as tall and large as their lover. THICC wasn’t even a word best to describe the two satyresses. Heifer came close as did just plain huge. Their four breasts stood proudly from their chests, full and heavy, their cork sized nipples dripped warm mother’s milk like leaking taps. Their full round bellies pressed against his sides and their hips and asses stood out almost a foot or more behind them. “Hi Dinah, you look good.” Purred Power Girl with a wink, licking her plump lips. “Yeah.” Husked Zatanna, leering hungrily at the smaller blonde female. “You look full enough to…” ‘Splat’ “Pop.”


With her water breaking after being overwhelmed and overstimulated by Buck’s presence, Black Canary staggered to all fours and gasped, lifting her tail when the first of her litter crowed at her pussy.

“Wow… She must have been holding that in for a while.”


Shrugging his shoulders, Oliver watched on as his wife ground out another baby satyr, making three so far that squirmed and cried on the soft grass behind her. “Yeah she wanted to offer you a contribution to your herd, prove she was part of the cause or some shit.”


Shrugging, Buck looked to his two lovers. “You know, a keg of beer would have been just as good but… Meh, it’s all good.”


Collapsing with fatigue and with five newborn satyrs crying to be fed, Dinah practically ignored them to get back to her cloven feet and grab hold of Buck’s massive cock, licking up his length and massage at his sac. The thing was bigger than her own leg and yet after giving birth and becoming drunk on hormones, Black Canary desperately wanted him inside her. “Mmm, more PLEASE, fuck me up, knock me the fuck up, GIVE ME THE D!”


Pulling the blonde satyress away with just a flick of her hand, Zatanna stood between the desperately horny satyress and her lover. “So, you want to ride Buck’s fuck pole huh?” Nodding rapidly and licking her lips, Dinah tried and failed to look over the slope of Zatanna’s dome of a belly to look at the cock of her desires. “Well if you want that to fit, you’ve still got some growing to do.” With her hands at her hips, Zatanna thrust out her chest to present her four massive breasts. “Suck’em.”


Trembling with arousal, Dinah hefted one of Zatanna’s lower breasts, making the satyress moan before Dinah clasped her lips around the stiff nipple and began to drink. It was like wrapping her lips around a running faucet, the pressure so great she had to start swallowing as soon as she began to suck. The magically enhanced milk filled Dinah’s stomach, infusing her body and making the satyress grow and swell. In mere seconds she began to swell past 7 feet tall, then eight, growing up and out in every way. Her hips and rear ballooned larger behind her while her breasts bloated past another 5 cup sizes and continued to grow. It was only when her belly began to push her away from the still leaking nipple that Dinah gasped and pulled away, feeling up her meaty rear and pouting.


“Why’d you stop? Keep drinking.”


Wiping her milk stained lips, Dinah whimpered. “I can’t… If I drink anymore… I’ll get fat.”


Frowning at the response, Zatanna only had to use a single finger to nudge Black Canary’s mouth back at her nipple, forcing her to keep drinking. “So? I’m fat, he’s fat, fat and big and fertile!” Feeling her expand larger and larger, Zatanna smirked and continued. “You think everyone else here care you got a fat ass now? They’ll only care if you’re a good fuck or not.” Pulling away from one nipple to gasp for air, Dinah moaned and clasped her teeth over another nipple and drank deep, making Zatanna laugh and nicker. “Mmm… Just let go sister, deep down there’s a she-beast that just wants to grow and fuck and birth a legion of kids, over and over… And over again!”


By now, Black Canary had grown to 10 feet tall, matching Zatanna in size before pulling away and panting, wiping milk from her lips before pulling Zatanna in for a lurid kiss, the magical creature eagerly reciprocating while Dinah felt up the other satyress’s flanks and curves. Pulling away, Black Canary brayed out a moan loud enough that the entire herd stopped, pausing as her voice made erections throb and pussies grow moist.


Grunting from the sensation, Buck leered at the now bigger female and chuckled. “Ooh, she’s a keeper!”

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