The Beginning

by davidthebold24
Storyline The Fall Of Nightwing
Characters Nightwing Poison Ivy
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Nightwing had been tracking Ivy for weeks, several business men had been poisoned and she was the main suspect. After all, she was an Ecoterrorist.


He had tracked her to the gardens. However, Ivy knew he’d find her. She wanted him to find her. After all, Nightwing knew a lot of secrets, and was trusted by Batman. And if she could get Nightwing in her thrall? She could take over Gotham. Hell, she could take over the world. So, as the former boy wonder explored the maze like structure, She had her fauna begin to subtly pump out pheromones. Pheromones that would begin to dull Dick’s judgement, that would increase his libido tenfold. 


“What’s happening to me?” Dick would wonder aloud. His cock now throbbing in his suit. Part of him wanted to just pull it out and jerk off, but he knew that was wrong. “God, it’s so hot…”He’d mutter, stopping to catch his breath. This would prove to be an unwise decision, due to the air being filled with pheromones. 


Elsewhere, Ivy would watch the struggling Boy Wonder, with an amused smile. He was going to make a fine slave. She couldn’t wait to use him, in every way possible. “Come to me, Nightwing. You know you can’t resist me…” she’d call out, using the plants as a radio. “Come to me and you’ll experience pleasure you’ve only dreamed of.”


Hearing her voice made him shudder in lust. He needed her now. Picking up his pace, he’d come to the realization that some time in his walking, vines had subtly taken his clothing off, he was naked except for his mask. In his lust fueled state, he was okay with this, and he was even more okay with it when he came into the clearing where Ivy was. 


Smirking at Nightwing, Ivy would point to the ground, and he’d drop down to his knees and crawl. The air growing thicker with Ivy’s pheromones, Nightwing’s mind would be mush. Just how Ivy wanted. However, she wanted to break him further. So she’d speak to him with a smirk of superiority, and fold her arms under her large chest. “I’ll give you four options, Lover, I can fuck your ass with my vines, I can stroke you with my perfect hands, give you a nice blowjob with my toxic lips, or, I can ride you like a stallion. What ever option you pick, I’ll break you. I’ll turn you into a slave with no chance at coming back. Now choose.”

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