The plan works perfectly

by ChangeIsEverything
Storyline The lab of Doctor Psycho.
Characters Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman arrives on the scene

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Rosa pressed the controls on the device and closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the machine's hum as it turned on and began to work for the second time this day. The two heroines' bodies began to spasm as the consciousness was transferred from one body into the other. As the humming died down, Rosa pressed a few more buttons, before quickly walking over to the restrained Wonder Woman and wordlessly untying her from the lasso and removing the transfer device from her head to be greeted with an evil grin which would have been easily recognizable on Dr. Psycho but had never taken form on the Amazon's face before. 

"Ah, marvelous!" Wonder woman exclaimed as she stood up triumphantly and flexed her muscles a bit. "Yes, this is power! Not playing pretend like that Batgirl, but truly being in the body of a goddess! The heroine called Wonder Woman is no more. With me occupying this body, you can call me... Dr. Wonder!" As she said that, the false-Wonder Woman did her trademark spin. Once she was visible again, she was wearing a black and gold dominatrix costume that the former Wonder Woman would never have been caught dead in. 
Unfortunately, Dr. Wonder's fun was interrupted by the sound of the real Wonder Woman, now in the mortal body of Batgirl, trying to break out of her restraints. "Well, what do we do with you?" Dr. Wonder asked out loud as she strutted over to her prisoner.

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Gorel - 3/21/2019 11:05 PM
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The plan on discord is Catwoman and Cheetah are collecting more Bats, robins and Cat themed heroines each month and for Christmas they get Batman as last man standing...
Anzaleth - 3/20/2019 8:50 AM
Oh, okay, Gothamalleyviper. That's fair.
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Anzaleth, we are saving Batman for Catwoman's Christmas Present.
gothamalleyviper - 3/8/2019 4:02 PM
Omega Jay is this a reboot of Sexy Locations?
colleem - 3/4/2019 1:29 AM
The weak will perish :) :) Glad you enjoyed it dark :)
gothamalleyviper - 3/3/2019 11:44 AM
Glad you like it Dark Z
Dark Z - 3/3/2019 10:32 AM
I forgot that strong arm is a robot. When pepper and Friday "dealt"with him i was like holy ****. I'm still like Daaaamn. (And the alternate fury reference was hilarious.)
Dean0566 - 2/28/2019 10:55 PM

exidor455 - 2/10/2019 5:10 AM
Whoops, that should have been Jimmy, not Jilly! :D

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