Use her lasso to turn Batgirl into her slave

by ChangeIsEverything
Storyline The lab of Doctor Psycho.
Previous Chapter The plan works perfectly

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Dr. Wonder.... or maybe Psycho Woman? (The new villainess' name wasn't quite figured out yet...) grinned evilly at the struggling "Batgirl." The device was still over the heroines' head, so she couldn't see a thing. "In your old body, you would have been able to break through these restraints as if they were paper. But that body belongs to me, and you're mind now!" Psycho thought as she tied the lasso around the heroines exposed neck, almost tight enough to choke her, but not so tight that she wouldn't be able to answer the questions. "Tell me who you are." 

"My name is Diana Prince. I'm Wonder Woman" the restrained young woman said firmly. Psycho responded to this answer by lifting the machine off of her head, but not before spinning back into Wonder Woman's actual costume. "I'm not so sure. Who do I look like to you?" 
"You look like Wonder Woman..." 
"And who do you look like?" Psycho held up her silver wristband, so that the former Amazon could see her reflection. 
"I look like Batgirl..." 
"So then it must be that you are Batgirl, right? You can't possibly be Wonder Woman when I'm standing right here and you have no trace of my super strength, right?" 
The restrained heroine nodded. "Right. I must be Batgirl." 
"And you can't possibly be Diana Prince when I'M Diana Prince. Aren't you actually Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham's police commissioner? Lose any memories of being anyone other than Barbara Gordon!" Psycho had made sure to leave Batgirl's memories within her body, which meant that the former wonder woman had access to them. Forgetting her previous identity would give her fluent memory of being Batgirl. "Now tell me again who you are."
"My name is Barbara Gordon. I'm Batgirl." 
"Excellent! There's just one thing to clarify. You may have some memories of being a heroine, but this is only an act on your part. You are evil to the bone and will do anything to make sure that my evil plans work. Even though both of us pretend to be heroines, we're really villainesses of the highest caliber. You spy on the Bats and GCPD and give me any and all information that you think I need to know. You also help me lure heroes and heroines here so that we can continue with our plans. Understood?'
Batgirl nodded. "Understood, Mistress. But what is our plan?" 
The now one and only Wonder Woman grinned evilly. 

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