Ororo and Kitty

by JimmyKasche
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"Like... umm... Ms. Monroe... I know you and Mr. Summers were telling me to stand up for like myself against Charlize... but... she totally was telling me that she'll let me join her clique if I do her homework like one more time... so I wanted to ask you what to do ... because..." Kitty began rambling to Storm.

Storm was trying her best to pay attention she really was... but the little nerd could certainly talk and was so boring... not to mention the cute features and body (granted one hidden behind baggy and unflattering clothes) were distracting. Kitty truly was the type of girl that back in the day Storm would push and prod and sculpt into the perfect little gangbitch... not like Laura or Jubilee who would push back proving they're hardass bikersluts like her...

No... Kitty would practically be property willing to do anything for her momma. Storm wagered she could probably even rent Kitty's tight little ass out and receive a full new hog from her mechanic contacts... used to... she used to be able to do that... Storm wasn't that woman any more.... but damn this cute nerd was trying all of her self control.

"Umm... like right... Miss Munroe?" Kitty said confused Storm realizing that she had asked a question.

"Ummm.... sorry I have a lot on my mind at the moment" Storm said

"OH no problem.... how about we go to your office so we can talk in private" Kitty said twirling her hair in her finger.

"Yes... that sounds like a good idea." Storm said as X-23 and Jubilee laugh.

"Have fun queen." Laura says with a smirk.

"Yeah, don't get in too much trouble... Roro..." Jubilee says with a wink.

"Ok squirt... I know you're going to love the next stop... we're going to see Professor Summers." Laura says dragging Lola... whose sissyclit hardened at the name.


"Well... if that's all you have... we really don't have much to go on." Quake said to the room.

"But it is something which is more than we had." Black Widow added.

"Indeed." Dick says putting his phone away.

"So what is our next step?" Quake asks.

"Wonder Woman is getting married tomorrow... I am assuming that as Mr. Grayson has deep ties to the Justice League that he has an invitation." Natasha says flatly.

"Yes, that is true... but I'm not entirely interested in seeing Diana get married off to some misogynistic diplomat." Dick replies.

"Think. It's a major meeting of the meta-human community. It is a perfect opportunity to do some investigation as to the whereabouts of the missing or ot see if anyone is acting strangely there." the former Russian spy flatly adds.

"That... makes sense." Quake shrugs.

"Well I only have the one invitation... even if I bring one of you as a date that still leaves 1 of us out." Dick states.

"Hmm... well ... I'm going to guess Mr. Pennyworth will be at this party right? How about the other goes and investigates the manor while that's happening?" Quake adds.


"You see Scotty...." Rachel said licking her lips. "You're special."

"I am?" Scott says.

"mmmhmmm.... you see you're not like the rest of those pathetic copies." Rachel said as she flipped over pictures one of Bobbi with her blonde hair in a long braided ponytail and her fur lined ice blue bikini, Henrietta adjusting her glasses, and finally of a statuesque long haired blonde in an ornate white dress with a pair of pretty angel wings behind her.

"Unlike Bobbi, Henrietta and Lauren you are a REAL man... it must be because you come from great stock." Rachel says as Scott looks over the sissy pictures.

"You see Scott Summers is our best teacher here... all the female teachers and students want him. So even being a copy left a surplus of his masculinity..." Rachel stared openly at the bulge in his crotch.

"So you are basically the most popular teacher's son as well as the Headmistresses pet... you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want to on campus." Rachel said filling Young Scott's mind hoping to turn him into the school's bully jock... "Now then... let's get started with that special tutoring shall we."


Starfire and Blackfire giggled as they read the last text from Beast Boy promising them all the money and "anything else they wanted". For their used panties.

"My such the eager little perv, isn't he." Blackfire says.

"Indeed... we should make sure he pays dearly for them." Starfire

"Obviously." Blackfire says haughtily.

"I have many ideas give me the phone!" Starfire says cheerfully and begins typing fast on it... for a good minute.

"Oooh... I like it sister... but what about if we add..." Blackfire took the phone and added.

"Oh that would be most glorious.... especially if..." Starfire said and added more this went on back and forth for quite a while before the two were satisfied with their long list of demands.

"So... this is quite the list we should give him ample time to complete it sister." Starfire said with a bright smile.

"I agree... he should have it completed with proof and we will give the dirty panties to him during the big wedding daddy is taking us to tomorrow." Blackfire grinned.

"Oh that is the most good idea sister." Star said as she gave her sister a kiss on the mouth.

"mmmm.... and sent." Blackfire said with a grin.


Peter Parker sat home alone... the city was at seeming peace for the evening so he went home early hoping to surprise his wife... only to discover she had went out... probably on another acting job at some small theater downtown or another.  

Not that it mattered... he and Mary Jane hadn't been intimate in what felt like years... he or she were always out working nights... and on the few moments they were together she'd have a head ache or he'd be too tired from a day of web slinging... he sighed.

"I guess time to sling my own web again..." Peter said as he pulled up to his computer and pulled up the secret bookmark list he didn't think Mary Jane knew about... and pulled up the Birds of Play site and clicked on Barbie the red head's picture...


"Miss Braddock this is gross!" A female voice rang out causing Betsy to frown around the two cocks she was choking on... pulling the two men out with a pop she looked for the source of the voice.

"Is there a problem Ms. Ashida." Psylocke says as she looks at the blue haired mutant.

"Yeah, you are selling your body as a reward for grades... that's gross." the young girl nicknamed surge says crossing her arms.

"Oh I'm not just offering my own holes... I mean there are so many big boys here... I couldn't possibly handle it alone." Psylocke giggled staring at the girl.

"You aren't trying to imply that-" Surge stated.

"That you and your female classmates will also be helping all of the boys in the school get their rewards." Betsy interrupts continuing to pump the two large dicks

"Wha... buh... no." Surge sputters out in defiance.

"mmm... nooo?" Betsy smirks as she kisses the tip as she stares intently at the student.

Surge's eyes turn pink for a moment and then she feels Betsy in her mind

"You're too smart for your own good Ms. Ashida... but I can help you with that..." Surge heard in her mind.

"What...what are you doi...." Surge thought in response before feeling a warmth wash over her as her mind's eye filled with cock.

"Shh... just look at all this yummy cock... thinking is overrated."

"What you doing to Surge thinky?"

"Making you better... dear." Psylocke laughed causing Surge to giggle.

"Surge cunt drippy..." the formerly intelligent girl said.

"Oops... I may have overdid it... but I suppose you don't really need to be too smart... besides you at least know enough English to get what you want...." Psylocke said out loud as the glow fades from Surge's eyes.

"Wha?... OOOOH" the blue haired cooed.

"See something you want?" Psylocke said licking one of the cocks from base to tip.

"Yah... Surge want sucky fucky!" Surge says as her hand drops into her pants as she begins openly masturbating.

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