Bryce's bestie

by Anzaleth
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"Yeah, Alfred's, like, a total meanie, Jo-Jo!" Bryce pouted on her phone.

"Ooooo, I'm sorry, Bryce," the pale sissy moaned as she squirmed a little.
The former Joker was in her bedroom, dressed in tight purple lingerie that barely contained her huge white tits. She moistened her huge red lips, and rubbed her sissy clitty as she thought about big Mr. Pennyworth being all mean.
Alfred perhaps wouldn't approve if he discovered who Bryce's bestie was -- Joker was the sauciest, bustiest sissy stripper/hooker in Gotham. The only thing people like more than to see Joker shake her big white titties was to wrap her fat red lips around their throbbing cock.
But she may be slutty, crazy, and dumb as a rock -- but still Bryce though she was pretty cool.
"Hey, we should go shopping together some time, Batsy," Joker said, twiddling with her long green curls. "Get some cute outfits."
"Yeah, maybe. Dunno if Mr. Alfred would like that."
* * *
"Yes, come in, Scott." Rachel  gestured with her hand.  "Have a seat."
"Um, thank you, Headmistress."
Rachel's cunt started to drip as he called her that.
"Mmm, so polite," she cooed. "I like that. Such a polite young man. Now, you are a very lucky boy, Scott. Because I am going to take personal attention of you.  I'll tutor  you in all you  need to know. What  do you say to that?"
"I said what do you say to that, Scotty?"
"T-thank you, headmistress."
She grinned. 
* * *
"MMHHPPH!"  May's mouth stretched as she tried to swallow more of Rhino's huge dick.
"Come on, I know you can do  it," MJ sneered. "Show him what a slut you are!"
"MMMPHHHHHH!" May's eyes went wide as MJ yanked on her hair, pushing the drunk woman further on to the shaft.
"UHHHHH, she's swallowing the whole thing!" Rhino groaned.
"Yeah, she likes it," MJ laughed. "Skullfuck the bitch!"
* * *
Cain Marko, the Juggernaut, was relaxing in a bar.
"Hey, you can't come in here!"
"Sure, we can. We're, like, totes appropriate, right?"
"Um, yes. Sorry, ma'am. Have a good time."
Charlize giggled as she pushed past the bouncer and sauntered over to Cain, her long heels clicking on the floor. She was followed by Mags.
"Hey, big step-bro," she giggled. "How yah doin'?"
* * *
"Um, hey, Ms. Munroe," Kitty hurried up. "Can I talk with you?"
Laura and Jubilee snorted as they saw the nervous nerd.
"Um, hey." Lola waved at Kitty. Kitty seemed really nice and smart, not scary like some of these others.
"Hello, dear," Ororo cooed. "What can I do for you, Kitten?"
Kitty Pryde was really such an adorable girl!

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