Kitty continues to get into the idea of being the mature one

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Tf cities
Previous Chapter Lauren and Jessica meet a resident of Slobby Heights.

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"Well no but that's what makes Logan so much fun and after all he's a real man who knows how to treat a woman." Kitty says now looking ten years older and fifty pounds heavier.
"Oh now that's interesting my dear so few of us have found real men that can keep up with us." Geraldine replies a little surprised.
"Now don't get me wrong digging our claws into boys and teaching them the ways to please a lady like us is fun but you have to admit there's nothing like being taken by a big strong man who truly knows how to please a woman." Kitty says grinning lecherously as she imagines riding Wolverine to exhaustion.
"Yes well what about you Jen do you have anyone in your life or some boys you have your eye on." Geraldine asks Jen flustered.
She-hulk stops eating momentarily placing a hand on her now prominent double-chin in thought. "Unfortunately no Geraldine dear I'm afraid I'm to occupied with my job as a lawyer and hero we all can't be as lucky as dear Katherine who is a teacher and has prime hunting grounds." Jennifer replies causing all three ladies to laugh.
* * *
Watching as her party progresses Yoruichi is pleased to see both Rogue and Natasha getting into the swing of things. Feeling a vibration between her massive breasts Yoruichi reaches between her breasts and pulls out a cellphone. Checking who it is she sees that it's Plump city's science department.
"Soifon be a dear and keep an eye on our guests I have a call to take." Yoruichi asks her wife.
"Of course dear." Soifon replies.
Waddling a few steps away Yoruichi answers her phone. "This your lovely obese Mayor watcha got."
"Madame Mayor we are pleased to report we've gained access to this world's satellite network and our prepared to upload the media alteration virus." The female scientist on the other end tells the Mayor.
"That's good news Nemu how soon can we begin seeing results?" Yoruichi asks.
"Within the first couple of days at most if not sooner it depends on the individual affected of course." Nemu explains popping some chips into her mouth.
"Good begin the upload immediately I can't wait to make this world a plump paradise." Yoruichi says grinning widely.
"Right away Madame Mayor." Nemu replies as she uploads the virus across the world.
Hanging up and letting Nemu do her work Yoruichi turns her attention to see Natasha and Soifon talking to each other while Rogue is surrounded by various media personalities and is basking in the attention.
* * *
Meanwhile back at the X-mansion Nega-sonic-teenage-warhead otherwise known as Ellie Phimster is hanging out in her girlfriend Yukio's room. The two are having a bit of an argument over musical tastes.
"I don't get how you like that pop junk Yukio it's so uninspired and trashy." Ellie tells Yukio.
"Really I could say something similar about your metal music. Look just give it a try please." Yukio says giving Ellie puppy dog eyes.
Sighing Ellie relents she has no resistance to Yukio's puppy-dog eyes. "Alright fine you're lucky you're cute."
Clapping excitedly Yukio gets her laptop and opens up Youtube and brings up Fancy by Iggy Azelea. Siting next to Ellie she presses play only for the screen to glitch out temporarily before returning to 'normal'. Unaware to the pair the video in now titled Slobby by Piggy Asselea.

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