See what Soifon and Natasha are talking about

by Anzaleth
Storyline Tf cities
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"Now, do you do a lot of baking?" Soifon asked.

"No, not really," Natasha said.

"Oh, you should, my dear! You really should!" Soifon laughed. "It is so relaxing to make so many delicious things, so sugary and soft and sweet, and utterly lovely. There is only one thing as good as savouring all the delicious food yourself."

"What's that?"

"Seeing how happy everyone else is to try your tasty treats! Mmmmm, a good chef spreads joy to everyone around her."

While Soifon regaled Natasha with the joys of baking, cooking, and all the rest, Rogue was chatting gaily with Plump City's media personalities.

"You are so lovely, Ms. Rogue!"

"Why, thank ya, sugah."

"And your voice, so sophisticated and stylish, such a lovely accent. If only...."


"Welllll, you could do with a little meat on your bones, you know."

* * *

A bemused Emma and Storm were brought to the biker gang's hang-out. It was full of hue, powerful women in leather jackets laughed, drinking, smoking, breaking shit, and even fucking each other and various smaller men.

"Hey, fresh blood!" one of them laughed, then opened a can of beer with her teeth. "And we have some fresh meat too!"

Two men were tossed to the ground.

"Yummy!" One of the bikers laughed.

Emma and Storm looked at the men. They recognized them.

* * *

Kitty's leer grew as she imagined riding Wolverine like he was a prize stallion, while Colossus rubbed her all over, planting kisses on her huge tits. Yeah, a hot lady like her was too big for one man. She squirmed, rubbing her huge thighs together. It was so hot.

"Well, haven't you been a member of a couple of teams, Jenny?" Geraldine asked. "The Avengers, the Fantastic Four -- I bet there are a few nummy hotties there."

"Yes, that's true," Jen cooed. 

"Like who?"

"Captain America, of course. Thor."

"And what about that Human Torch? Isn't he a dear? Could you imagine wrapping your powerful emerald thighs around his body and giving him a nice squeeze?"

"Oh yes!" She-Hulk purred.

"Have some more cheesecake, dear." Geraldine held up a bit of cheesecake on a fork. "The only thing more scrumptious than cheesecake is horny dick."

The horny cougars all chortled.

* * *

"Mmm, I guess this is okay," Ellie said, listening to "Slobby." 

Her stomach rumbled. She was really hungry.

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