Power Girl wakes up

by Master_Kind
Storyline Dr. Diabolical's Delights
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"Wake up."

The distorted male voice rang heavily in Power Girl's ears. She shook her head to try and clear it, groggy and confused. One moment she had been flying over New York City and the next, darkness.

"Wake up, Power Girl - or should I call you Karen Starr, CEO of Starrware?"

That made the buxom blonde beauty's blue eyes snap open. She looked around what seemed to be an ordinary, albeit trashy bedroom done up entirely in reds and blacks with a four poster bed taking center stage. Mirrors seemed to cover almost every available surface, save for a large bureau with a wide variety of adult toys on it. Despite the sleaziness of her surroundings, she still wore her traditional white costume with red cape.

She looked around for the source of the voice, fists clenched.

"Do you really think I would put myself in the same room as an enraged Kryptonian? I'm much smarter than that." the distorted voice chuckled, echoing from hidden speakers in the room.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Karen snarled.

"You can call me Dr. Diabolical. A little over the top, I know, but I figured why not go for a bit of panache if I'm getting into the supervillain business? As for what I want, well, I want you to enjoy yourself, Power Girl."

"I'll enjoy punching the crap out of you!" she snarled raising a fist.

"Ah, ah, ah! I wouldn't get violent if I were you. Violence has consequences."

The mirror above the bureau flickered and Karen suddenly saw a frowning brunette girl in purple, a quiver full of arrows on her back in a room just like her own. If she was one of Green Arrow's sidekicks, she didn't recognize her but the bearing was all Ollie - cocky, furious and confident. The slim, pretty girl was obviously thinking the same thing as she was, levelling an arrow with an odd tip at one of the walls of her identical bedroom prison.

"Case in point." Dr. Diabolical rumbled as she let the arrow fly. The arrow let loose a large explosion but the mirrors didn't so much as crack, the purple shaft falling to the ground in pieces. The response between Karen's legs, however, was much more immediate and powerful.

"UHHHNNN!" she gasped as a violent, sudden orgasm overwhelmed her, making her knees buckle as she gasped, her pussy suddenly going from dry to gushing. "NGGGN! Ahh! Uhh! Wha- uhnnn . . . h-how?"

"Oh, it's a very simple bit of magic. Every time one of you does something to try to escape, it effects the other in a very sexual way. I've made the first example quite pleasant but it doesn't have to be as nice as you cumming so hard you see stars."

"Y-you goddamn pervert! What is it you want?" Karen snarled through grit teeth, trying to get her body back under control. "And who is that?"

"Oh, what I want is fairly simple, but in answer to your second question, that young lady's superhero name is Hawkeye - Kate Bishop to her friends. She's from a universe quite like yours but not. No superpowers to speak of but she's got powerful friends, one of whom I hope will try and rescue her any day now- oh, never mind. Almost caught me monolguing! Your first question has an obvious answer. Look at the document on the bureau."

Karen Starr floated to a standing position to hide the fact her knees were still slightly weak. She looked down at paper and blinked in shock.

"Playtime With Power Tits - A Dr. Diabolical Porn Production? You've got to be kidding me!"

"I assure you, it's relatively tame. Just some dialogue for you to read aloud while pleasuring yourself with the toys I've left on that same bureau. Nobody will touch you besides yourself and, should you follow my script, you'll both be allowed to leave unharmed."

Karen tried to use her x-ray vision to stare through the mirrored walls as the man spoke, only for them to be completely blocked off.

"Unharmed except for what you little minxes inflict upon yourselves of course. Don't think I didn't notice your little attempt at a sneak peek just now."

The disgruntled looking brunette - Hawkeye, he'd called her - suddenly grimaced and grabbed her chest, mouth opening in shock as she pulled at her tight purple top. The girl stared in shock as she pulled off her uniform top to see a larger set of tits straining against her tight purple sports bra, at least one cup size bigger than she'd been a few moments ago.

"Much better, I think - always thought she could use more up top, unlike you. Now, each of you can keep fighting me and not film your little self-love scenes but you'll learn quickly that I have several more tricks up my sleeve. Care to go over your lines, my buxom beauty?"

Karen flexed her fists and tried to think of a way out of this . . .

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