Batwoman accepts her job as pervy domineering head maid

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Hookerisation Of Superheroines
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"What... no... I..." Kate Kane stammered.
"Now again, Candy, take that silly bat suit off. The time for pretend is over and it's time for you to get to work." Alfred said sternly.
"Candy... but... my name is... Can...dy?" Batwoman blinked a few times... and did Alfred look bigger... her Batsuit also felt weird... she raised a floppy glove to her mask and pulled it off... revealing her pretty face. 
"That's a good start Candy... now the rest." 
Candy obliged slowly peeling off the suit that was far too large for her... revealing her super soft and feminine curves. She scratched her headd as her short hair began growing rapidly cascading until it was even longer than the wig attached the mask she was formerly wearing. Fiery Red, streaked with platinum blonde... showing off why her nickname had always been Candy. 
"Now then... come here and show me some proper respect and then I'll let you go and train Ronnie." Alfred said as he undid his fly.
"Yes, sir!" the new head maid giggled as a tattoo shimmered into existance over her small red and white bush reading "Sugary Sweet!" as well as the Batsignal and Property of Alfred Pennyworth tramp stamp.
Candy smiled as she eagerly took Alfred's cock between her lips thinking of all the things she's going to do to the new-meat... she liked playing the sugary sweet bimbo in front of the Boss... but she was a cold domineering bitch when it came to her underlings... and she loved making the girls do anything her dirty little mind could think of... 

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