Commissioner Gordon arrives

by Anzaleth
Storyline Hookerisation Of Superheroines
Previous Chapter Batwoman accepts her job as pervy domineering head maid

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Commissioner Gordon raised an eyebrow at the scantily-clad maid who nervously opened the door for him at Wayne Manor. Her costume left little to the imagination, showing off her impressive cleavage and her rear, as well as keeping her legs in impressive fishnet stockings. The maid reminded him of something....

"Right this way, Mr. Commissioner," she squeaked.
She brought him to the study, where Commissioner Gordon was surprised to find Alfred Pennyworth seated in an overstuffed chair, smoking a cigar. It was Alfred, but he was far fatter than he had been before.
"Commissioner, take a seat," Alfred murmured.
Gordon did.
"Now, how about a cigar and a nice bourbon?"
A maid leaned forward, her tits brushing Gordon's cheek, to hand  him a tray.
Though Gordon had quit smoking, he found himself following Alfred's suggestion.
"What is going on?" Gordon asked.
"I like you, Gordon," Alfred said. "You're tough, resourcesful, a real man's man. I think we'll be able to work very well together. I want to help you, Gordon.. I think you've been made a real fool of, and I'd like you to recover some of that dignity and respect that's been stolen from you."
"What are you talking about?"
"Batman. He's made Gotham PD a laughing stock, hasn't he? Whenever some freak happens, Batman comes in and saves the day. Your people don't do anything. He's made you look like a bunch of fools. Doesn't respect you at all -- breaks into your office whenever he feels like it, throws his weight around, even vanishes before you've finished talking. He doesn't respect you, does he? Just likes making you look like a bunch of idiots. Oh, you put on a good act -- act all friendly to him -- but I bet there's a deep ball of resentment buried down there, Commissioner."
Alfred smiled and took a puff of his cigar as he saw Commissioner Gordon grind his  teeth.
"Well, I said I like you, and I think we'll do good things together. I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing the new 'Batman.' He'll be much more respectful to you now, Gordon. Will just love to show how much of a real man you are, how much more of a man than he is. But for now. Candy!"
"Yes, sir?"
"Why don't you make the Commissioner feel real good?"
* * *
"Uhhh! UHHH! Harley! Harley!"
Poison Ivy screamed as Harley squeezed Ivy's tits and slammed her big throbbing cock into her pal's dripping cunt again and again.
"Oh, Red! Red!" Harley moaned. "You dunno how long I've wanted tah to do this! Ride you hard with my HARLEY HAMMER!"
Catwoman moaned as well, her long nails teasing her dripping pussy. She just couldn't looked away. This was so hot, watching Harley's big balls slam against Ivy's body with each thrust. 
* * *
"UHH! UHHH! YEAHHH!" Dick bucked as he thrust deep into Bruce's ass, spanking his former mentor's buttcheeks as he orgasmed.
"Ooooo, Dickie!" Bruce cooed. "MMmhhhhh!"
"You fucking slut. You whore."
"Mmmm, yeah, sweetie."

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exidor455 - 2/10/2019 5:10 AM
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Whoops, that should have been Jimmy, not Jilly! :D
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