Nightwing spews out his masculine strength

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Tf cities
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"Oh Daddy... look at Lil' Dicky..." Starfire giggled as she got back onto her knees at Beast Boy's feet to go back to lightly kissing the massive shaft

"little is right." Beast Boy laughed as he looked at the screen.

Nightwing was absolutely petite... if he broke 5" tall it was by half an inch. His muscles hard and toned from years of hard training had softened and atrophied away... his dick which despite Starfire's recent teasing used to be above average had also shrank down to half an inch. But the magic of Bimburg didn't just take away it gives as well... like the pair of perky B cup tits that adorned his chest, the nice juicy booty he sported, and the long luxurious hair that grew down to it.

"But Dick is no longer really a fitting name for you... not with that little sissyclit of yours... but what could we call you..." Beast Boy grinned.

Nightwing didn't respond he was still trying to take in all the changes... while staring at Starfire worshiping the real man's giant donkey cock in front of her... his mind swirled


Lois sat at counter in her gigantic kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She really hoped her Lexie would hire some maids soon... she was far too classy to have to get her hands dirty with simple cleaning... she'd cook of course... Lexie loved watching her play wifey after all... but cleaning? She could break a nail... or get dirty... that just wouldn't do.

Lois introspection was interrupted by the phone.

"Lex Luthor residence, Lois speaking." She said in a bright voice.

"Hello Ms. Luthor... this is ... Jo-jo at Dr. Quinn's office." the former Joker said.

"Ah yes, how can I help you?"

"Your daughter's sessions is finished, you can come pick up Donna at your earliest convenience." 

"Daug-" Lois began to speak before blinking how could she forget her little princess "Oh lovely... I will be over to pick her up shortly." 

"Dr. Quinn wanted you to know that she was late to her appointment today as she stopped to ogle some mechanics." the secretary said and sighed dreamily.


"That's a great slut..." Penguin grunted as he shoved his cock down into her throat.

"Mmmph." Diana moaned.

"This is great and all but the position your applying for is for on stage entertainment not prostitution. wark wark." Penguin laughed.


"I need to make a deal with that Green upstart if my girls can start fucking for money... but it's good to know you are willing to do anything for your boss." Penguin grinned as he grunted again and came down the blonde's throat.

"Now then... why don't you get on stage and show the boys what you can do with that body of yours." the portly criminal said with a swat on her ass.


"I... I don't... know I've never tried..." Karen blinked.

"Well there's no time like the present to find out babe." the new pornagrapher said.

"Yeah... I guess... but..." KAren blinked she wasn't applying for a job was she... but this was an interview... so clearly she must be... but... like she was... something ... she had a job didn't she? it was so hard to think... and her titties rubbing against the tight material of her shirt was making her sooo horny.

"well..." Sleez said expectantly.

"oooh... sorry... I can be a little ditzy sometimes...." Karen giggled.

"That's fine... but you still haven't shown me... do you want this job or not?" 

Of course she wanted this job... this was always her dream... people fucking her and watching her get fucked and getting horny and wanting to fuck her... what big titted bimbo wouldn't want such a wonderful thing. Karen ripped her shirt off in one smooth motion revealing her world class tits to Sleez who whistles at them... Karen blows a kiss to him before striking a few poses showing them off before lifting her tits up and licking her nipples causing her to shudder... before clamping her mouth around the right one and sucked moaning like a cheap whore the entire time. 


Raven pouted she was so close to cumming when the wonderful video ended... the former Nun was being paddled while another demon was shoving his cock down her throat. It was fucking awesome... but she didn't get to finish... it wasn't fair... she pouted...then started rubbing her thighs together the subtle pain of being so close to orgasm only find it denied made her so damned hot... she needed to find another video quickly.

She dove across the bed into the video closet and pulled a random one out and looked at the cover there was a gothy girl covering her pale tits and cunt with her hands licking her lips... the name of the film was apparently "Painful Pleasures vol 6: Gothy Bitch Gets Punished" 

"mmm... punish me daddy" Raven moaned having no problem imagining herself as the Gothy Bitch on the cover as she started the film.

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