Dinah dances

by Anzaleth
Storyline Tf cities
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Dinah Lance, the Black Canary, gyrated on stage, shaking her ass and tits to the music. 

The Penguin grinned. The lady was a natural. Her athletic prowess and gorgeous body made it absolutely amazing.
"You're a natural, Didi," Penguin grinned.
Canary blushed, surprised at how good it felt to be complimented by him. She had to remind herself that this was a mission -- she was infiltrating this place, to get to the bottom of it. She had to ignore how good it felt to strip in front of the Penguin. To feel his eyes on her, to know how hypnotized he was by her body....
* * *
Clark Kent looked around. "Himbo Heights." This was where Lois said she'd met him. But where was she?
* * *
Raven remembered her mother getting raped by Trigon, by his giant evil red demon dick. How it must have felt like. She knew it was so filthy, so wicked to be getting wet thinking about her mother and Trigon.
"I'm such a filthy, wicked girl," she moaned, her eyes focusing on the torments of "Gothy Bitch Gets Punished." "Punish me, Daddy. I'm so bad...."
* * *
"You're in luck, D," Mr. Green said to the former Nightwing. "Starfire has volunteered to mentor you in all the important things you need to do. Isn't that nice of her?"
"Oh, I am the nicest, yes, Daddy?" Starfire giggled.
"Now, I have given her free reign to decide how to punish you when you make a mistake and how you can reward HER for all this time and effort she is putting in you," Mr. Green said. "Say thank you."
"Um, thank you?" Dick said in confusion.
"Now, Star, why don't you go and fetching the little sissy."
"Okay, Big Green Daddy!"
* * *
"Thanks for everything, Dr. Quinn," Lois said, as she took Donna out of the office.
"No problemo, bye-bye!" Harley giggled as she waved.
"We will have a talk about those mechanics, young lady," Lois whispered to Donna.
Once the two left, Harley closed to the door. Immediately her voice looked sterner.
"Yes, Dr. Quinn?"
"Get on your knees!" Harley slid into her swivel chair and spread her legs. "You were late! You better do a damn good job of eating me out if you don't want to be punished!"
Harley didn't really consider this cheating on Ivy. After all, Jo-Jo was such a pathetic sissy bimbo, she was barely a person. This was really just like masturbation except with that bimbo's tongue instead of a dildo.

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