What is Diana wearing?

by JimmyKasche
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Previous Chapter The wedding begins and everyone is stunned to see what Diana is wearing

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Diana smiled as brighter than she ever has the Wedding March played and she crawled on all fours, she was wearing her former Wonder Woman outfit specially modified to be a traditional Muzhskovian wedding dress. Meaning that a poofy gossamer bow was around her waist that split out down the sides of her legs in two long trails. Also the breast cups as well as the entire bottom half of her armor had been removed... meaning her tits, pussy and asshole were completely on display for everyone assembled. Perhaps most shocking of all was that her Tiara that was a symbol to many of the Amazon's strength was repurposed and hung around her neck as a collar, with her Golden Lasso of truth wrapped around it and repurposed as a leash.
Donna Troy smiled as she walked her sister down the aisle... it was such an honor that a mere Muzhskovian Maid like her got to be the Maid of Honor at such an important event, she lead Diana to the front of the altar where she bowed her head and offered the end of the leash to her master... before taking her place on her knees in front of the Best Man, as it was her duty to service him throughout the wedding after all.
Bryce hugged Alfred's arm as they watched Diana crawl down the aisle.
"oooh she looks so pretty Daddy Alfred... do you think I'll look that pretty when w- I get married?" Bryce looked up lovingly at Alfred.
"I'm sure you'll make a beautiful bride someday Bryce... one that will make some man very happy." Alfred said to the boy crazy teen.
"I hope Quake found something useful." Natasha said to Dick.
"Yeah..." Dick said staring at Diana.
"So we can find what is causing this madness and stop it." Natasha said.
Starfire and Blackfire cooed as they saw the pretty dresses the Bride and her maids were wearing... as they snuggled into Shockmaster... every one and a while Blackfire would hit a button.
"What is that Blackfire?" Herman asked his slut princess.
"Oh nothing Shockdaddy... just a little fun for later..." She grinned wickedly... if you listened carefully you might hear Beast Boy grimace as he tried to contain himself every time the button was pressed.
Mary Jane pouted she knew she had to keep up appearances so she was out sitting in the pews rather than continuing her quest to fuck everyone at the party under Peter's nose... she stashed Aunt May in the nearby bathroom's Glory Hole until she could party some more.
"That's great Di... wait a minute." Quake said taking a defensive stance.
"What?" Dick said confused.
'You're supposed to be at the Wedding. That's why I'm here... who the hell are you?" Quake said getting ready to make the ground shake.

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