Aunt May's day of glory

by Anzaleth
Storyline Master PC, Version 3.0!
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Mary Jane had left Aunt May in the bathroom's glory hole and locked the door behind her. May hadn't yet realized she was a prisoner though. Dicks of all shapes and sizes kept pushing themselves through holes and she couldn't think of anything except how wonderful they all looked. It was so kinky that all she was seeing were these beautiful dicks and that they couldn't see her, just feel her on the shafts like she was so sort of mindless sex-toy.

May was on her knees. her cunt dripping like mad, as she pumped a cock in each fist and sucked on a third one between her lips. Whenever one spurted, it would vanish, and another one should show up. She had no idea where they were coming from!
The three cocks came all out once, the one in her mouth gushing into her throat and the other two coating her face.
* * *
Diana cried with joy as her master-husband yanked on her leash and then savagely skullfucked her horny face. Everyone was clapping. She wanted the whole world to see what a good wife she was!
Then, for their honeymoon, they were going to be a pay a visit to Paradise Island, and show all of the Amazons how to serve men. The whole island of proud warrior-women would come fuck-slaves, livestock, property.... They'd be so happy! Diana couldn't wait to see the look on her mother's face!
* * *
Lois glanced around. Where was Clark? The wedding was starting.
* * *
"Why, you two naughty things!"
Quake and the fake Dick Grayson turned around to see Selina standing there, smirking as she adjusted her tight dress.
"Mr. Pennyworth has strict orders about trespassers!"
* * *
"You fucking bitch!" Superman growled as he fucked Alexa Luthor in mid-air. "You damn slutty slut!"
"Uhhh, yeahhh! Fuck your slut, Mr. Superman! I'm your bitch!"
Alexa shrieked as he fucked her doggie-style far above the building. 
"Fuck me with your godcock, Superstud! Fuck my ass!"
Superman moaned as he squeezed and mauled Alexa's tits and fucked her harder up the ass. This bitch -- she was so slutty, so depraved. She let him do everything Lois wouldn't let him do. It drove him wild!

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