Wolverine and Storm try to contact Kitty

by Anzaleth
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
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After her performance, the former Shadowcat skipped back stage to give her beautiful tits the attention they deserved.

"Were my babies good?" she cooed as she rubbed her giant hooters with oil, gently pinching the big erect nipples. "Did you do a good job? Mmmmm, Titties loves her titties. Be good to Titties and Titties be good to you."

She hefted them in her hands, kissing them. Titties was so grateful for her breasts. Without them she'd just be a worthless loser. Without them she'd just be--


She looked up at the scary guy with the crazy eyes and the black chick with the awesome mohawk came up to her.

"What are you doing?" Titties asked. "You're not supposed tah be backstage."

"It is you," the scary guy said. "I can smell it."

"What happened to you, kitten?" the black chick asked.

"Kitten?" Titties laughed. "You got th' wrong slut, lady."

* * *

Meanwhile, another former X-Man was getting attention in a sideshow tent.

Xi'an Coy Manh, the former Karma, lounged under a sign proudly displaying her "The Empress of Decadence." She was monstrously obese, not unlike when she had been possessed by the Shadow King. Xi'an's huge body was draped in a long silk robe covered with numerous Vietnamese designs, and her wide face was made up in elegant royal make-up, her complicated, intricate hairstyle held in place by a strange headdress that looked almost like a crown.

The nails on her pudgy fingers were very long, making it impossible for her to do most things herself. But that was fine with the Empress of Decadence. She was content to lounge on her piles of silk cushions while everyone gawked at her and she was fed and cared for by her slaves -- the former Cannonball and Sunspot, naked except for tight speedos and some tasteful make-up and jewellery, including collars attached to leashes held in her former teammates crawled all over her, satisfying her every desire. Feeding her when she was hungry, fanning her with when she was hot, thrusting into her gaping dripping pussy whenever she was horny.

She was the ultimate embodiment of gluttony, sloth, and lust, and she loved it!

The audience watched as the Empress yanked on the leashes, pulling her slaves to her and covering their soft, beardless faces with wet kisses. 

* * *

Masque moaned as he squeezed his clit and ran his long fingers over his snatch.

His new female body was so beautiful, like pure sex. It made him so horny.

"Uuuu, I need someone to fuck this body!" he moaned. 

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