The Empress of Decadence continues being worshiped by her slaves

by burke_rakers
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
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   She reclined on her cushioned throne-like bed/couch and smirked at the crowd of gawkers who'd gathered to watch her slaves pleasure her. She didn't care. In fact, she rather approved of the attention of these lesser beings. So they wanted to watch as their obvious superior enjoyed every aspect of life? That seemed an admirable way to enlighten themselves. As 'Bobbi' and 'Sammi' began worshiping her - cuddling and kissing her mammoth body - she gestured, and 'Danni' and 'Rainy' swished forward to feed her, both looking a lot like 'Bobbi' and 'Sammi'. When her best friends Mesmero and Masque had caught her snooping around their circus and shown her the truth about herself, she'd called in her backup and helped her friends awaken them too. Mesmero and Masque had shown her that the Shadow King had not changed her, but rather awakened her true personality. She'd suffered and starved herself her whole life in an effort to please others. 

   The family. The church. the school. The team. 
   She'd put them all first...when SHE should have been putting HERSELF before EVERYTHING. 
   The Shadow King had known that, and he'd simply unleashed her normal and totally understandable desires the be pampered. Now, she knew she wasn't a silly hero, but rather a greedy, wicked, lazy scoundrel whose only loyalty was to herself. Her wants were needs and her every desire should be satisfied. In an instant she'd been returned to her REAL form...in fact, quite a bit more so. At roughly a 1000 lbs of wobbling, gluttonous corpulence, she was too fat to do much more that waddle short distances and recline on her throne. Her friends had helped her clear her confusion about her 'other' desires as well. Was she straight? Was she gay? It was such a bother. Now she knew she was a bit of a mix, and soon she and her slaves were enjoying their new certainty as well. Sam and Robert had lost muscle mass and height till they were just the cutest little sissies. Smooth, silky skin...soft, rounded charms...their hair was still short, but now styled in a slickbacked pixieish look. Joining them were Danielle Moonstar and Rahne Sinclair...whose own feminine charms had been softened as well, till the four of them looked almost alike. Small, slight and girlish, yet each with a huge and manly cock and almost no bosom, save for their thickly engorged and sensitive nipples. 
   She opened her mouth as 'Dani' slipped a whole slice of cheesecake into her full, sensual maw. Meanwhile, 'Rainy' lit her large hookah and 'The Empress of Decadence' drew in a lung full of rich, heady flavors. Opium and Cannabis and dozens of costly tobaccos filled her head and heightened the edge of her needs. She hoped that her other slaves would return soon. They were her most powerful slaves, and when they returned she'd be able to pamper herself even more. Granted, 'Bobbi' had signed over the millions of dollars he'd owned as Roberto Dacosta, but that wasn't enough. She wasn't going to go out herself, but this circus would make a wonderful headquarters for her new criminal empire. Right now 'Aquilla' and 'Yani' (formerly 'Magma' and Magik') were gathering funds from the Illyana's former stronghold of Hell to finance her worldly criminal empire...as well as to turn over her Soul Sword to Decadence, so that she may take her place as the new Queen of Hell!
   Nobody could say that the former 'Karma' was going to rest on her laurels. As long as their were others to do the heavy work, the Queen of Decadence would never never stop grasping for more power.
   She smiled at the crowds who didn't realize she was the most powerful and important being they'd ever see. Poor little fools. Little did they dream that all of them would soon be her slaves.
   "Fuckin' let me go, you assholes! You ain't gots no right t' fuck with Titties! Help! Help! Titties bein' kidnapped!"
   Storm and Wolverine weren't about to waste time on legal issues when Kitty's life was on the line. Storm swept her up in a windstorm and the three of them started to leave the grounds. Wolverine frowned. He's tried to contact the New Mutants (who were patrolling the circus) but got nothing. That was disturbing, considering what had happened to Kitty Pryde. The once brilliant educator and hero was...well, a boarder line idiot. Insisting she was a stupid, slutty little tramp whose only redeeming feature was her (repulsive) bosoms, she'd refused to come with them. Finally, they just decided to abduct the girl.
   As they swept her outside, someone confronted them...
   It was like a dream come true. Masque had been born a man, and a deformed one at that. Yet...inside...he'd always been a woman...
   (this is Burke's opinion, but a well sourced one. There was one storyline where Masque had used prosthetics to disguise himself as Marilyn Monroe, and seemed very pleased with that appearance. The writer may have though Masque was actually female, but I'm grabbing and running with it.)  
   ...and now...he could live that dream. It had been frustrating to find he could control the appearance of others, but was unable to change his repulsive form. But now...'she' could change 'her' flesh. Live the life 'she' had always wanted. To be the woman she should have been.
   "Masque? Are you alright, my beloved?"
   The man was tall, powerful and hung like a horse. He was beautiful and handsome at the same time. He was all she'd ever wanted. He was Peter Rasputin.
   "I'm fine, honey...just a little sore." she said, smiling at her handsome boyfriend. Or...would she make him her husband? They were in her bed, cuddling and snuggling, now that Peter realized that Masque was always his true love. Her female parts ached wonderfully from the delicious violence he'd inflicted on her with his huge penis. Her newly-minted vagina was satisfied and happy...and she found she didn't want to just move on to another conquest. So looked up into his loving eyes...and saw a man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Even if his love had been implanted by Mesmero, that didn't mean it wasn't real to her.
   They snuggled, and both of them thought of the years ahead of them. They dreamed of marriage and children and...
   There was some kind of ruckus going on outside. Something in the trailer next to hers. Masque asked "What's all that about? Are we under attack?" and Peter shifted to his armored form, determined to get to the bottom on this.

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