Mr. Jarvis chokes Janet on his dick

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Tf cities
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Janet took Mr. Jarvis' massive dick all the way to the hilt... it was the way that Mr. Jarvis liked it... and that was the way the good maid would do it, she thought to herself.

Janet began to pull herself back to facefuck herself on her wonderful master's goddick... but then she felt Jarvis put his hands on the back of her head and held her in place the dick completely throated...

Janet didn't panic even as she began to run out of air... tears welling in her eyes causing her black mascara to run down her pretty face... eventually her eyes began rolling into the back of her head.... that is when Jarvis pulled his cock out of his sheath.

Janet coughed and gasped for breath as soon as her airway was free.

"Did I say you were done?" Jarvis said not caring for her well being...

"No sir... gasp... I'm a good girl..." Janet said trying to suck as much air as possible even as her hand went up to begin jacking him off gently... Jan then went and began licking the helmet.

"So Janet, have you seen my wife around?" Jarvis asked the slutty maid who shakes her head.


Upstairs a feminine hand smooths out a silky red cocktail dress as she looks at herself in the mirror, long smooth legs that never seem to end, large well toned posterior that looks fantastic with her tight dress and heels, trim waist and large d cup tits as well as a pretty face and long red hair professionally styled of course. The woman blows a kiss to her reflection, before putting on her chunky gold bracelets and choker.

She sometimes had thoughts of being some kind've superspy... but that's a ridiculous idea... she'd never worn flats in her life and there's no way she'd be able to do such complex acrobatics in her beloved stilettos. Not to mention all that gunplay and fighting... why she might get hurt... or even worse chip one of her expertly and expensively manicured nails.

No, Natasha Jarvis nee Romanov was not cut out for such an active lifestyle... she was made to be the perfect trophy wife of her wonderful husband Edwin. He was so wonderful, so strong, commanding and wealthy... exactly the type of man the demure submissive woman had always dreamed of.

She let out a sigh she couldn't be happier.


The club was electric the music was thumping and the textbook example of a beautiful platinum blonde bimbo was on the stage shaking her tits to the delight of the attendance... before wrapping her legs around the long metal pole and spinning around, and hanging upside down smiling at all the patrons throwing cash to her.

This is where she belonged she smirked she used to think she was fit to rule... that she was a queen... that was silly... she was too dumb and pretty to rule... shaking her titties and sucking off guys in the backroom for 20 dollars... that is where Emma Frost belongs. She giggled as she tossed her bra into the crowd as she slid down pole onto all fours. She licked her lips at all the men in the audience thinking she was worthy of their money... silly men, she was a worthless bimbo... but her hunky boss liked all of the money.

Emma Frost was so lucky to be Slim's headliner she giggled as she smacked her g-string covered ass.

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