Emma continues her strip show

by Anzaleth
Storyline Tf cities
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Suddenly Emma squealed in surprise as two hands with bright red nails wrapped grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples.

The audience clapped as Jean Gray, Slim's other headliner, ground against Emma's and ran her tongue over Emma's ear. Her hair was as bright red as her nails and so were her lips.
"Mmmm, let's show these men a show, Em," Jean cooed into the former White Queen's ear.
Emma Frost giggled against, twerking against Jean's crotch as she reached behind herself to grab her girlfriend's ass.
Mr. Summers had said he was sick and tired of Emma and Jean arguing with each other, and forced them to chained together for 24 hours, their faces buried in each other's cunts. After that, they loved each other so badly, almost as much as they enjoyed serving their boss and all men.
Mr. Summers was so nice to let Emma and Jean sleep together in the same bed, pleasure each other's snatches and fucking each other with strap-ons when they weren't on-duty. They were so lucky to be each other's girlfriend. Of course they couldn't be Mr. Summers' girlfriend. That would be silly! He was far too much of a manly man to be the boyfriend of a couple of worthless bimbos. They were his sluts, his property, maybe his pets. He loved reminding them about that -- slapping them, spanking them, making them lap off cum from the floor, crawl on the hands and knees, watch Slim was he fucked another slut....
Emma turned around and began to french Jean. As their tongues duelled, they caressed each other all over, and the audience watched spell-bound.
She bet Slim was watching from the VIP lounge as he face-fucked some bitch. She was sure that bitch couldn't suck his dick like Emma could.
* * *
"About to cum!" Mr Jarvis moaned.
Janet giggled. She knew that her boss wanted.
The maid pulled his cock from her mouth and then opened her mouth wide as he spurted, covering her face and hair with his jizz. He loved to see her utterly dripping when he was done with her.
* * *
"Okay, you see those thugs over there?" Jubilee asked, gesturing to a group of men gathering at a bar.
"Um, yeah?" Kitty asked. "They look familiar."
"They're with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Those guys are always good for some freaky fucks."
"They look scary," Lola said.
"Pay attention, bitches," Jubilee said as she lit another cigarette and sauntered towards them. "Jubilee will show you how it's done -- Hey, boys." She fluttered her lashes and shook her tits at the villains. "Wanna ride the Fuck Train?"

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