One of the whores goes to their next John

by Anzaleth
Storyline Hookerisation Of Superheroines
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Jason (or "Ruby," as she decided his working name was) giggled and reapplied her lipstick. Blowing Mr. Joker had been so much fun, and he was a surprisingly good tipper! The whore was sure Mr. Alfred would be happy with the wad of bills the Joker had thrust into her cleavage.

But she needed to get another John.... The former Robin lit a cigarette on a street corner as she tried to decide where would be best to go.
Ruby looked up to see Detective Renee Montoya in a square car, glowering at her.
"What's th' problem, officer?" Ruby giggled as she sauntered over.
"You know hooking is against the law, right?" Montoya demanded, blinking a little as she got a good whiff of Ruby's aphrodisiac perfume.
"'gainst th' law? Oh yeah!" Ruby winked. "Yo' want'cha 'police tax.'"
"Police tax?"
"Don' worry, officer. Ruby knows to pay her tax."
As far as Ruby knew Alfred Pennyworth had an agreement with the police. They wouldn't hassle his whores and the whores would give "freebies" to any officer who asked.
"Wait, what are you doing?" Montoya demanded, feeling very disorientated by the intense perfume.
"Jus' paying my tax, officer," Ruby giggled as she slid into the squadcar and unzipped Montoya's pants.
* * *
Candy grinned as she picked up a large and nasty looking paddle. It was covered in spiky ridges, which would turn a bitch's ass a nice shade of red.
Mr. Pennyworth had promised Candy would have a whole team of maids to dominate, but for now she'd make do with Ronnie. Choking on huge dick and causing some worthless little bitch to shriek and beg.
Yes, working for him had some serious perks. 
* * *
"UHHH! UHHHH!" Montoya was collapsed in the back of her car, her pants around her ankles, and her body bucking like mad. "You fucker! You whore! You dirty little puta! UHHHHH!"
Ruby was bobbing up and down between Montoya's legs, eagerly lapping at the cop's pussy.
"UHHHH! UHHH! You little slut!"
Ruby broke off for a moment, wanting to get a little air.
"Don't stop!" Montoya snarled. She yanked hard on Ruby's hair, pushing her down, grinding her dripping cunt against Ruby's face. "Make me cum, you dirty little puta bitch!"
* * *
An exhausted Dick looked down at Brucie, who was giggling as he scooped dollops of cum from his face and tits and swallowed them.
"Oh, you sexy whore," Dick said.
"Mmmm, and yer th' best, Dicky," Brucie cooed. "But I gots to make a living, so I should go shake my booty some more. I think Mr. Penguin is a good tipper!"
He giggled.

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