Alfred continues his nice chat with Gordon

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Hookerisation Of Superheroines
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Candy dropped to her knees with a bright smile and slipped Commissioner Gordon's cock out of his pants. The familiar pig-tailed maid began laying little kisses all along his length... her soft lips feeling divine against his sensitive organ... he grunted... and suddenly he felt... bigger... like he had gained about 20 lbs of pure muscle as well as his dick nearly doubling in size and girth so much so that Candy was having trouble holding on to it with one hand.
"mmm" grunted the commisioner.
"I've gotten a few new... hobbies around the city and I wanted to make sure that I got the full cooperation of the GCPD." Alfred sipped his whiskey as he watched the transformation unfold
"Grr...yeah... sure... whatever you want Alfred." Jim said as he grabbed Candy's hair and forced her all the way down his giant cock. "Take it all you stupid cunt..." 
For her part Candy was taking the cock like a pro... despite it only being the second dick she'd ever sucked in her life... she managed to relax her throat and take it to the hilt... all the while thinking what she's going to do to Ronnie as punishment for this.
"Fuck this bitch is good." Jim growled.
"Yes, I knew you had a thing for Redheads so I made sure that Candy here would be available for you... speaking of how is Barbara." Alfred smirked.
"Barbara?"  Jim let go of Candy's hair and began thinking of his dear sweet daughter... and how much of a tease she was... she wore all those low cut tops and skirts in front of him knowing he wouldn't do anything... he'd have to punish her for that... wait he then remembered as he pulled his cock mostly out of Candy's throat "Oh... Batman said something about Barbara...." 
"Oh yes, well it seems that your pretty little daughter has been prancing around as Batgirl openly defying you... I thought you should know." Alfred said with a smirk.
"That ungrateful bitch..." he said angrily as he slammed his cock back down Candy's throat "After all I did for her..." 
"Well I felt it best that her father should be the one to punish her." Alfred took a puff of his cigar.
"Oh yeah... Daddy'll punish that tight little ass of hers alright " Jim pulled out of Candy's throat and began spraying his cum all over her pretty maid up face... all the while thinking of ways Barbara was going to make it up to him.

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