Mesmero and Masque try to contact the mysterious figure who gave them this chance.

by Anzaleth
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
Previous Chapter The former Wolverine realizes the importance of his bubble booty for protecting him

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Mesmero and Masque glanced nervously at each other. Neither looked comfortable with this startling turn of events.

Then Mesmero pulled out his phone and typed the number he had been given, the number from the mysterious figure who had given him this chance. He heard the number ring and hoped that someone would pick it up....
* * *
Titties shrieked as Storm pushed the stripper down on the she-male's gigantic throbbing black cock. Titties' cunt stretched and bulged as the shaft plunged deeper.
"S-splitting me in half!" Titties moaned.  "AHHHHHH!"
"Yeah, you Storm's cumdump! My cocksleeve! Uhhhh! Love to get a' group on yo' tittities!"
Titties howled as the huge she-male squeeze and pulled her tits, mauling them mercilessly.
"You gots such a tight cunt! Such a sexy tight cunt! Pretty cunt!"
Titties smiled. "P-pretty?" She thought only her tits were pretty.
"Yeah! Just a big pair of tits and a tight cunt on legs!"
Titties smiled. Storm said the nicest things!
* * *
Charles Xavier sensed something was wrong. A few of his students had been investigating a circus and they had been away for a while. He wanted to make it sure they were all right. He gingerly reached out with his mind to scan the place, try to make sure everything was all right. 
As Xavier explored it with his mind, he set off a very subtle mind-trap Mesmero had placed there for any telepaths.
Xavier couldn't find any reference to his students, but he was getting all these images of the circus. Of all its intense performances, its glamour and lights, all its wonderful costumes. It looked so free and exciting, free from any responsibility, any stress, any danger. 
He imagined himself surrounded by all the lights and glamour, everyone looking at him. Everyone loving him. He smiled and laughed a little at the charming fantasy, of himself in a sparkling dress and extravagant wig, make-up and high heels. Thinking of himself as a drag queen made him feel so free and relaxed, free from stress and guilt and danger....
* * *
Mink elegantly perched on a pile of silk cushions, surrounded by all his admirers. He was so petite and his skin was so smooth and pale (a benefit of his healing factor) that he almost looked like a perfect little porcelain, one that had to be carefully taken care of, protected, treasured, or he would break. 
The former Wolverine smirked. Of course, thanks to his healing factor, he could handle some pretty rough stuff. In fact, he often loved getting gang-banged by his harem, his whole body trapped in a gigantic orgasm as they roughly took him every way they could, stretch his bubble-butt and lips, and spurting all over his little body.
But that was the only time Mink wanted any roughness or toughness. Otherwise he wanted to be treated like the delicate little doll he looked like. Just like now, where Sabretooth was massaging his feet, Omega Red was massaging his back (with those marvelous tentacles), Silver Samurai was feeding him grapes, and Lady Deathstrike and Juggernaut were fanning him.
Mink took a puff of his cigarette in its long platinum holder. Life was good.
"Gonna cover yer face with my jizz! Make it look real pretty, bitch!"
"Yes! Make me pretty! UHHHHH! Give me your jizz, please!"
Mink chuckled as Storm fucked the former Shadowcat like her own personal fleshlight. The intense pride that filled Mink now made her utterly scornful and jealous of most beautiful people, especially her old friends. The idea of Shadowcat or Jubilee being utterly degraded so that they wouldn't detract from how gorgeous Mink was -- that gave him a little stiffy. And Jean Gray.... 
Mink smiled evilly. He'd love to take that stuck-up bitch down a peg. Scott Summers was pretty hunky and handsome. He deserved to pleasure someone better than that nasty old bitch with her crusty old twat. Mink imagined Storm turning Jean inside out with her freak giant she-dick while Scott made love to Mink's beautiful ass. 
"Unn!" Mink moaned prettily, spurting some cute little watery cum.
He pointed to the dainty spurt and, without a word, Deathstrike began to lap it up.

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