The former Wolverine realizes the importance of his bubble booty for protecting him

by burke_rakers
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
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   The next few minutes seemed to pass in a haze for everyone in the room. It started off smooth enough. Just as Mesmero and Masque had intended. They'd both spoken about this moment days before, and had a clear idea of what they wanted. Mesmero began speaking, and Masque laid her hands on him...but then, neither was aware of what their 'friend' 'Madame Karma, the Queen of Hell and Sin' was involved with at that time. As such, though they'd begun with the same vision, the results were not only off...they were impossible as well. Masque could manipulate flesh, while Mesmero could alter memories, personalities and ideals in a persons brain.

   But this...was impossible.
   Standing before them was a tiny, curvy little sissy with the smooth lines of a slightly chubby young lady, save for the complete lack of bosoms and and the presence of a tiny dick and balls. The face was vaguely like that of Wolverine (aka : Logan, aka : James Howlett), but it was soft, pouty, adorable...but instead of terrified and weak, the face was also haughty, spoiled and arrogant. He stood no taller than 5 feet, but it was hard to be sure with his tight, silken, princess-like ensemble. With long sleeves and high collar it was almost a Cinderella gown, but it plunged so deep in front that his swollen, turgid nipples (and their jeweled piercings) were exposed. Their was no real skirt, save for a diaphanous 'pelvis veil' of gauzy, unconcealing lace that did nothing to hide his privates...and flaunted his full, impossible buttocks.
   That ass. It stuck out from the sissyboi's backside like a pair of basketballs, sloping into a pair of plump, hips and thighs, then down into curvy, sexy legs. It looked impossible, but there he was.
   His cute face was tarted up, but in a way that looked...grand, sexy and expensive. There was nothing cheap about him at all. He looked like a rich, sissy pervert indulging in their wants. His hair was still Wolverines sculpted twin archs, but in platinum blond. A pair of jeweled barrettes and a diamond tiara helped sculpt the unusual hair. His hands...neck...wrists and ears were dripping with jewel. Hanging on the back of his chair was a massive coat of soft, silvery winter mink. 
   "Oh, thank you for holding my coat, Mister Creed. Oh, what a lovely gesture, Lady Yuriko Oyama. How gallant, Mister Marko. Why yes, Mister Harada, you may light my cigarette. A cushion, Mister Rossovich? How nice."
   Everything he said dripped with haughty, feminine charm. They all buzzed around the tiny boi, fussing and and fetching and desperate for attention. Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, Juggernaut, Silver Samurai and Omega Red surrounded him like courtiers surrounding a princess. Their faces were loving and worshipful, as if serving this tiny sissy were all they dared dream of doing.
   But,,,where did they come from? The clothes...the jewels...little could they dream that Karma's new position as the 'Queen of Hell and Sin' had influenced events, causing Wolverine (though still a physical cowards) to be overtaken by 'Sin Sprites' representing 'Pride', 'Lust' and 'Greed'. Now a perfect home for them, the Sin Sprites had moved into the soul of the former hero. His powers had changed, and instead of claws or adamantium bones, he generated powerful pheromones that induced feelings of love and devotion in others, and obsessive love in the few he specially targeted. His healing factor remained though, and would ensure he stayed young and beautiful forever.
   Mesmero and Masque watched as the Silver Samurai lit a long, ivory and platinum cigarette holder, and Wolverine (or rather simply 'Mink') settled into a chair. "Of course 'Mink' will perform in your circus, my dears. 'Mink' is only too happy to do so. I do believe I shall perform with my darlings..." he gestured towards his attendants, and all of them looked excited. "...who shall engage in daring acts and demonstrations of ability at my command. Of course, I must have several trailers. Don't worry, my dears. I'll provide my own."
   They looked at each other. Not being in control was alarming, and neither Mesmero or Masque liked what was happening. Perhaps they should contact some...outside help.
   They watched as Mink rose and swished from the room, both preceded and followed by his new lovers. 

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