Rogue continues to bask in the media attention

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Tf cities
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"I suppose I could use some more weight on ma figure. And ladies if I'm being honest here I'm pretty jealous of your figures." Rogue admits.
"Oh you're just so kind Ms. Rogue but someone like you must be famous and deal with the press all the time."
"I'm kind of famous I suppose you could say I'm part of a team called the X-men we fight for equality and a better future between humans and mutants." Rogue tells the reporter.
"Oh a social activist and hero but Ms. Rogue have you thought of other ways you could help. I mean a woman like yourself must have so many talents like signing, dancing maybe even acting." Another media personality asks.
"I never thought of it like that before maybe the Professor way isn't the only way I'll take that under consideration Ms."
"Ashford Milly Ashford." The reporter introduces herself.
"Well Ms. Ashford thank you I always did want to have a signing career now Milly I have a feeling you've been to a few of these which foods should I start with." Rogue asks Milly.
"Here I'll show you and I think you have a wonderful signing career ahead of you." Milly says guiding Rogue over to one of the various buffet tables.
* * *
Sitting in a cafe in Goth Gardens Jessica Drew and Psylocke sipping on extra large coffees while eating from a tray filled with fattening pastries. Psylocke looks around eyeing the various pale obese goths around them something about them just draws her in. Meanwhile Jessica can't stop eating the various pastries no matter how she tries it's as if an endless abyss has opened inside of her.
The pair are broken out of there trance by a church bell which gets everyones attention.
"What do you think that's about?" Psylocke asks.
"I'm sure we should check it out though this whole place is a little weird." Jessica admits.
The two leave the cafe following numerous obese goths to a church named the Church of the Abyss the two raise an eyebrow. Both finding the name suitable for a church filled with goths. Entering the church the two take a seat as an obese priestess takes the podium and begins to speak.
"Welcome children of the endless Abyss tells me children what is the Abyss." She asks.
"Hunger." The crowd replies.
"And what fills the Abyss?" She asks again.
"Food." They reply again
"That's right children now we have two new members to our flock please help show them the way." She instructs.

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