Selina has fun with Daisy

by JimmyKasche
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Selina leaned back and held the reality gem shard as she looked at Daisy "Quake" Johnson start to shrink down and deage from a mid 20 years to a young looking 18 year old, the headphones on her head reshaping into kitty cat ear styled ones. Her tactical catsuit shifted and split into the school Uniform.

Of course that was only the physical changes... Selina smiled at that she made certain that the original personality would hate her...

Selina looked over the pretty teenager licking her lips before turning her attention to Dick

"hmm now what to do with you... hmm..." Selina runs a finger along his muscled chest.


"So boyscout... that's an impressive flagpole" Carol grinned as she kissed Cap's face

I'd salute it... I'd salute that all day every day" Karen said licking her lips

"Girls what's going on?"  Steve still said confused.

"It's just two hot babes, and one handsome stud together... what do you think's going on Stevey." Carol said as she blew into his ear.

"uh...." Steve blushes.

"aw... thats cute.... but a slut like me has needs...." Power Girl said gripping his cock with her right hand and jerks it lightly.

"Hey... you're not the only whore here sugar tits." Carol said with faux anger as her hand wrapped around his pole.

Steve groaned at the soft handling of his dick.

"So it seems that Steve here has to satisfy two blonde cumsluts... but I'm sure he's up to the task." Karen said licking the side of Steve's face.


SHIELD Agent Daisy Johnson found herself in a large gray spherical room that was completely featureless.

"What the hell is going on?" Daisy said looking around before hearing a giggle behind her.

"huh?" the competent woman turns around and sees a schoolgirl straight out of a porno.

"Hiiiiyeee!" the schoolgirl with kitty-cat headphones says with a cutesy wave.

"Uh... hi.... who are you? Are you lost too?" Daisy responds.

"I'm Kitty Suchs-Coxwell! That catsuit looks like totally hot on you... my mistress wears a catsuit.... she looks hotter in hers..." Kitty began spouting really fast.

"Uh.... are you lost? Do you know where we are?" Daisy said again trying not to lose her temper.

"Oh... I'm not lost. I'm like right where I need to be.... in our head!" Kitty said twisting a strand of hand around her finger.

"What?" Daisy said confused

"Mistress is being nice and instead of being a stuffy old boring spy... she's letting you be a totally hot slutty schoolgirl spy! I mean look at my titties... and TOTALLY rockin' ass!" Kitty smiles and shakes her ass and tits at Daisy.

"WHAT?!" Daisy said angrily.

"Yeah, we're like going to be spyin' on Bryce Wayne... and trying to lead her to do things that her daddy would hate.... while tattling to my sexy mistress Selina. Bryce'll never find out that I'm not really her friend.... she's like SOOO stupid.... she hasn't even tried to start an orgy in the locker rooms." Kitty pouts.

"Look I don't know what type of game you're playing lady but I'm not letting you get into my head... or ..." Daisy started to speak before freezing mid sentence as Kitty giggled.

"Oh you dumb bitch... you don't get it.... you have no say here... Mistress Selina's already won." Kitty continued to giggle.... "But... before you disappear completely."

Kitty closed the distance between them put a finger to her lips and then kissed Daisy passionately.


"So Queeny, these the new toys. Feral Bitch, and Sparkle tits were talking about between rounds?" Sabertooth said looking at Storm.

"w-w-what?" Lola said frightened at the big man.

"property... no they're students... I've told you Victor I don't do that anymore" Storm said licking her lips while looking at Kitty's ass

"Right... I believe that... but ... if you want me to show the runt and the nerd a good time...." Sabertooth grinned and gropped the two plump backsides.

"Come on girls... it's time for you to get expand your.... education." he said as he led them away

"Gee thanks um...." Kitty said not sure how to address him

"Bitches call me Big daddy... because well... you'll find out soon enough" Sabertooth laughed.

Storm grunted she couldn't believe Victor... still acting like she was Queen Bitch of their Biker Gang.... she was different... well... she liked to believe she was.... but she did miss the sex. Sabertooth and Storm could fuck anyone.... but no one fucked with them....it led to an interesting dynamic where Storm and Sabertooth would come to an impasse... which would then lead to a tantric almost days long hate-fucking sessions that left both completely wiped and.... honestly usually forgetting whatever issue they were having.

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