Selina and her toys

by Anzaleth
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"Now for you, Dicky," Selina cooed as she wrapped her limbs around the paralyzed hero. The busty maid gave her ass a nice jiggle and pressed her tits against his pecs. "Mmmm, that feels nice, doesn't it? You're such a hot young stud, Dicky-boy."

She leaned close to his ear, running her tongue around it and loving how he trembled.
"Oooo, I can feel your big erection. You're so big, Dicky, and --- mhhhhmmmm --- that ass." Selina slid her hands down Dick's pants to squeeze his butt. "You'd be wasted on these little bitches, wouldn't you? Young women, they're all either braindead ditzy bimbos like Bryce Wayne or nasty stuck-up princesses like Starfire. You only care about mature ladies, right? Ones with the right experience! Who know WHAT they want and HOW to get it!"
Selina ran her hands down Dick's chest and then began to massage his dick.
"Ooooo, that's the only kind of woman that matters! A real woman, not a dumb little girl!"
Selina cackled. It'll be so much fun to watch Bryce shake her little booty and bat her eyes desperately at Dicky when all he can do is drool over Selina's fat saucy tits.
* * *
"Oh god, you fucking whore!"
Superman spurted ropes of thicky creamy jism into Alexa Luthor's mouth, so much that she couldn't contain it. The cum spurted out her nose and mouth, running in waves down her chin and on to her huge tits.
"YESSS! You big slut! You cunt!"
Superman was so in the moment, loving how much he was dominating, utterly degrading this slut. This was wonderful! Lois was much too prim and proper to be coated with his jizz like this, be treated like a whore. This felt so amazing!
For a moment Cat Grant popped into Superman's head. That slut had always had a thing for Clark and Superman, obsessed. He bet she'd love getting utterly dominated, coated with his super-cum, if it meant being fucked by the man of steel.
"Yes!" Superman came again all over Alexa's hair and face, at the idea of fucking a whole army of slutty whores.
* * *
Lola and Kitty squeaked as Sabretooth pushed them into an empty room.
"Now we're not going to be disturbed," Sabretooth grinned as he sat down on a chair. "What should I do with you little nerds?"
"Oh, Mr. Creed!" Lola whimpered. 
"Mr. Creed, I like that. OOo, I know. How about you two make-out?"
"Make-out?" Kitty blushed.
"Yeah, give your little friend a nice sweet kiss. Hold hands and kiss, doesn't that sound like fun?"
"Do it!"
Sabretooth smiled as the two cuties linked hands.
* * *
"Oh, yes!" Psylocke moaned as a cock slid into her ass. "Aren't I tight?"
"Your is squeezing my penis!"
"That shows she likes you, boy. Mmmmmm."
As she clenched her ass around the cock, she slid her cunt down on the boy under her. The experienced cougar reached out, jacking off a cock in each hand. 
"Hey, you there! Why don't you stick your meat into Auntie Betsy's mouth? And your friends, while they're waiting, can jizz all over my titties. Everyone likes a circle jerk. Yessssss."
She was in ecstasy, filling her main goal in life -- to utterly ruin virgin studs for any little prissy bitches. When she was done with them, they'd be cumming just for her and horny cougars like her.
* * *
Storm licked her lips as she saw Colossus there in a tuxedo. Yes, he would do nicely.
Her cunt was dripping, she couldn't wait to get it well and truly fucked. She wasn't thinking at all about Kitty and Lola. They could take care of themselves. Right now Ms. Munroe needed dick!!

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