Emma contacts her clones

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
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Jean Grey sat in the park reading her book waiting for her ex-husband, love of her ... past life, boyfriend.... and now wondering when exactly her life got so confusingly complicated. She was distracted from her internal pondering from an airy giggle in front of her. Looking up she saw a large chested Blonde dressed... "comfortably" to say it nicely. A bubblegum pink microkini, a pair of white latex booty shorts, pink thigh high latex ballet boots, and a hat with "Sleezy Bitch" in a fancy script... with EZ in bright pink.
"umm... can I help you?" Jean said to the intruder.
"You're cute..." the Sleezy Blonde said in an airy voice.
"uh... thanks..."  Jean said raising an eyebrow
"I'm like... Kiki!" The blonde said seemingly struggling to think of her name
"It's a pleasure to meet you Kiki... I'm Jean." the redhead said politely
"Oh I know! My boss like wants to give you a job!" Kiki said with a bright smile.
"Uh... thanks but... I have an important job already." Jean said trying to get the blonde to go away.
"are you sure? My boss will let you have all the cocks you can suck and cunt's you can lick! It's amaaaazing"  Kiki said dreamily.
"Uh... look I told you no. I'm sure that's wonderful for... someone like you but I still must decline." Jean said a little more angrily.
"oh poo." Kiki pouted "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but my boss insisted." 
"Wha-?" Jean begin to question before the sluttified Power Girl was on her knocking her out 
"I hope Sleezy is going to fuck my ass hard for this..." Kiki moaned to herself easily hefting the red headed woman over her shoulder and flying off to meet her boss with his newest star.
Val went back to her extra-dimensional changing room... pouting that she already had to give up the sexy Valentine's outfit the problem with the shortest month of the year she assumed.
"Let's see..." she said zipping off the skin and looking through her "closet" pulling out a sexy leprechaun outfit.

"hmm... nice... but it needs a jacket." she said to no one as she looked over her self making sure to feel the heft of her new chest as she pulls out a truncated green suit jacket.
"Now... I need a name... Erin or Patty... or Tricia all work..." she tapped a finger to her pursed lips.
"Hmm maybe I can get a pair of slutty assistants for the month." She laughs knowing that her boss would unlikely wish to spend any more of its energy to create them.
"Well... I know they're watching so... consider this an official request." She smiled before posing sexily in front of the mirror again before disappearing.
"What is going on Starfire?" Blackfire said staring at her sister.
"Oh it is the wonderful, sister. I have realized the truth! Women are the sluts... and as Tamaranians we are doubly so... being Princesses tripley so!" Starfire cheered.
"Oh master needs to teach you the truth of us to... that is why I am here... so you too can know the innate patheticness of our existence!" Starfire again smiled.
"Star you are talking crazy." Blackfire said.
"NO! I AM SPEAKING THE TRUTH! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS CRAZY!" Starfire yelled at her sister glowing eyes. "I will make you see the truth sister... and then we will educate the foolish amazons... then return to Tamaran and turn it into it's rightful place in the universe... the most glorious of holes... where men can come and give tribute to our master and in response use any Tamaranian hole they wish!" Starfire said dreamily.
Blackfire continues to stare at her sister... she would try to escape or fly away or even yell for the guards but she was still locked in her restraints... and let's be honest none of the guards would believe that sweet innocent Starfire was talking about dominating the Amazons.
"So... are you ready to learn your place as Princess Jizzbucket at the right hand of me Princess Cumdumpster. Or do I need to be using the force?" Starfire said glaring.
Jimmy Olsen's mind was racing thinking of Lois... his first thought was to run to the bathroom and masturbate... but he wasn't going to do that at work... instead he hurried along to the far supply closet where he stashed his comics, snacks, and other ways of calming down.
He opened the door and standing there was a beautiful red haired woman in a green outfit, he had never seen her before.
"Uh... excuse me" Jimmy said the woman put her hands to her cheeks in shock.
"Oh my... it seems that I've been found... I suppose it is your lucky day... Mr. Olsen." the girl said.
"How do you know my name?" Jimmy raised an eyebrow at this
"A leprechaun knows a lot of things... and well you caught me..." She said with a smile.
"yeah, right... let me guess I get a pot of gold... did Clark put you up to this?" Jimmy said.
"No, Kent didn't put me up to anything... and of course not, that's a silly children's story." the girl laughed "you get a wish... anything your... heart... desires." the redhead said openly staring at the very obvious bulge.
"Really...." Jimmy blinks.
"Yep... so... if you want to sleep with a certain black haired spunky reporter... all you gotta do is wish and I can make it happen." She smiled hoping to prod Jimmy one way... but knowing that regardless she'd use her powers to corrupt anything he said regardless.
The Stepford Cuckoos were in their usual spot leaning against the wall of the school judging and mocking all of the other students with their telepathy.
"Do you see what Surge is wearing?" Mindee said.
"I know... ugh... Nori just wants guys to stare at her abs since she has no tits." Celeste responds
"And look at Julian trying to not so subtly check out her ass..." Phoebe adds
The judging continued for a while before suddenly they began picturing all of the men pounding their tight virgin asses... and the women licking their dripping cunts. 
"Oh my..." Mindee  "Whaaammmm." Celeste  "Fuuuck..." Phoebe  moaned at once in their minds.. as they felt their bodies heat up and their tight pussies water.
"MMM there you are girls..." a voice rang in their minds.
"E-mmm...a?" the girls all moaningly questioned.
"I'm here to collect you girls so you can continue your real education." Emma mentally stated forcing another wave of pleasure on the triplets.

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