Jimmy's wish

by Anzaleth
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
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"No!" Jimmy said desperately. "That's not what I want!"

"Oh, we both know that's not true," the leprechaun giggled. "But have it your way. What do you really want, Jimmy?"
"I just... I want...." He sighed. "I'm just tired of being treated like a kid. I wish everyone would respect me."
"Your wish is my command. I think we both know what makes people respect a man!"
* * *
"Star, this isn't--"
"Oh, I am getting tired of your crazyiness, sister!" Starfire yelled. "You are being so ungrateful! Do you not want to be the jizziest of the Princess Jizzbuckets? Here, our master has a present for you."
Starfire took out a small flask and took a swig.
"Starfire, what are you--mmmpphhhh!"
Blackfire's eyes went wide as Starfire savagely frenched her sister, stuffing her tongue down Blackfire's throat. As Starfire cruelly squeeze and pinched her sister's nippls, she spat some of Dr. Psycho's jizz from the bottle, forcing Blackfire to swallow it.
* * *
"In fact, let's see about increasing your girls' psychic connection a little bit," Emma said as she thrust her mind deep into the brains of the three girls.
"GGHHHHH!" They moaned as Emma linked their sense of touch together.
Then she stroked Mindee's tit.
Celeste and Phoebe instantly felt the caress as if Emma was stroking them, and Mindee felt Celeste and Phoebe feeling her and they felt Mindee feeling them feeling her. It was an intense cycle.
* * *
Lois open the door to the supply closet. She needed some extra pens, a stapler, and--
"Oh!" she stared in shock.
Jimmy was there, but he looked -- he looked taller, more muscular. His clothes were strained tight, and even torn in some places. 
He looked -- Lois' heart beat faster. There was something about the way Jimmy looked, the way he smelled. He just seemed so manly -- so very manly, like pure masculine.
Then her eyes went even wider as she stared at the utterly humongous, utterly monstrous bulge between her legs. She couldn't look away. Her mouth watered, her sex began to ooze. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen.
* * *
Thea nervously shuffled into the Penguin's office.
"Well, my dear," the Penguin grinned. "Do you have what it takes to work here?'
He leaned back in his chair and parted his legs.

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