Kitty enters to the ballroom before the dinner starts

by ESchorcho
Storyline The BLISS Pleasure Cruise
Characters Shadowcat Storm
Category Marvel Mind Control Corruption Bimboization M/F
Previous Chapter Pepper and Holli continue to get ready and become even closer...

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The ballroom was bustling with activity and excitement as more and more guests were finding their way inside.  The mood was much more relaxed than the previous night. Everyone seemed more friendly and at ease with one another.  The majority of the female guests had chosen to don fashionable, flowing dresses and wear high heels. Their makeup glinted in the soft light,  and their hair was all coiffed up in overly elaborate dos. If they had brought jewelry on board the ship, the women had made sure to wear it.

Kitty strode into the ballroom with a bright smile on her face.  She had finally returned to her cabin from her day of fun and sun to get ready, but her time with her new friends still lingered in her BLISS-filled mind.  The brunette mutant wore a strappy white mini-dress with a plunging neckline and blue belt tied around her slim waist. She had to borrow it from Yuri, since both girls had decided the clothing that Kitty had packed haphazardly just wouldn’t do for the night’s dinner.  It was tighter on Kitty’s short, athletic frame but that really made it all the hotter for the changed woman. She glanced around the room with her big, vacant eyes and licked her lips at all the attractive men and women, and her lips curled in an excited grin. Finally, she could see a familiar figure striding her way with a middle-aged man on her arm.  It was her new friend, Yuri, and she looked absolutely mouthwatering dressed in a strapless sequin dress with a high hem. Both Kitty and Yuri showed a lot of skin.

“Hiiii, Kitty!” Yuri practically sang, as she strode forward on modest heels.  The two girls embraced in a warm hug as if they were the oldest of friends. Yuri purred into Kitty’s ear, “You look so hot!  I’m so glad that Graham here made sure to pack more mini-dresses for me.” she then turned to the man and giggled, “To think of what I called you when I caught you packing more and more mini-dresses in my suitcase.  What a stupid, stupid girl I am!”

Kitty turned her head quizzically towards the man.  He was slightly chubby and wore thick, horn-rimmed glasses and was smiling lecherously at the once innocent girl enthusiastically demeaning herself.

“Oh, how rude of me!” Yuri giggled, “Kitty, this is Graham.”

“Ugh, hi,” Graham said, leering at Kitty’s scantily clad form.  This would have normally creeped the once razor-sharp woman out, but instead Kitty just smiled at him.

“Mommy decided to have some work done in the ship’s clinic at Graham’s suggestion.  He’s so smart! So guess what? I get to be Graham’s date tonight!” Yuri exclaimed, “Oh, Kitty, I wish we could sit together, but maybe we can hang out afterwards.  Graham tells me there is going to be a party at one of the ship’s clubs. He’s so smart!”

“I’d really like that!” Kitty exclaimed, smiling at Yuri in bliss.

“Maybe share some Long Hard Ones later if I’m not too busy!” Yuri cooed out, glancing lustfully over to Graham and then back to Kitty, giving her a playful wink.

“C’mon, babe,” Graham said, clearly having enough of Kitty and Yuri’s inane chatter.  He pulled the petite little Asian tart roughly and she giggled. He then added, “It’s time to go to our table.”

“Bye bye, Kitty,” Yuri said, as she was practically dragged away by the older man.

Kitty waved at Yuri and turned to see, to her surprise, a tall, chocolate-skinned woman practically glide into the ballroom.  It was Storm, and Kitty was amazed at her appearance. The regal woman practically looked like a queen in her floor-length dress with intricate patterns woven into the silk fabric and a plunging neckline.  The sides of the dress had slits that rose up to mid-thigh. Yet, that wasn’t what drew Kitty’s attention. Her friend had ditched her Mohawk and had somehow regrown her hair! The white, shiny locks had been parted at the center and fell to just past her ears.  The brunette needed to know how this was possible. Curiosity had gotten the better of the Shadowcat and she instantly made a beeline for her fellow mutant and longtime friend.

“Ororo, OMG!” Kitty exclaimed, “Look at your hair!  It’s just so…” the shorter woman’s face scrunched up in deep thought and then she asked with bright, glassy eyes, “But how?”

“I visited Salon La Bliss this morning,” Ororo happily declared, her purple-painted lips parted as she beamed a big, bright smile that Kitty had never seen before on the normally stoic X-Men leader.  The chocolate-skinned woman then brought her hands up and gently patted the sleek locks to make sure not a strand of hair was out of place. She glanced to the side and saw her reflection in a window and drank herself in.  Still concentrating completely on herself, she continued, “BLISS made me pretty, and it only took one session with Brie, my stylist. Oh, Kitten, you haven’t even mentioned my makeup yet or my new dress that Robert and Patricia bought me.  They were so generous for spoiling me so. I’m just dying to know what you think.”

“Hmm?  What?” Kitty asked.  She was distracted by two waiters walking past both her and Storm, and Kitty had barely heard what Ororo had said.  The mutant woman rubbed her thighs together as her gaze lingered on the mens’ firm asses in their tight pants and and then she looked back at Ororo, “Um, oh, right.  Robert and Patricia are so, so nice. You look absolutely amazing, and of course, BLISS made you pretty! BLISS is the absolute best!”

“BLISS is life!” both women sighed and their eyes grew vacant for an instant.

“You won’t believe what I did today!” Kitty exclaimed.  She smiled broadly up at Storm, who had taken a makeup compact out of her small handbag that Robert had also purchased for her and began to inspect herself.  It was important that she made sure she looked as perfect as possible.

Ororo continued to inspect her looks, and half-listened to Kitty ramble on and on like a teenager hopped up on Starbucks..  Had the normally centered, heroic woman actually been paying attention, maybe it would have occurred to her that both she and Kitty were acting very strangely.

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