Sue and Jervis arrive at Felicia's place

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Mad Hatter Black Cat
Category Marvel Mind Control Corruption M/F F/F
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Jervis and the deeply hypnotized Susan Storm entered the Slide-A-Way Casino apartment complex where Felicia Hardy lived.  Susan, firmly in her Alice persona thanks to the hypnotic projector that the Hatter had used on her, smiled broadly at the bustling activity going on inside the casino.  Everything was so bright and shiny! They still held the shopping bags filled to the brim with the fruits of their shopping trip as they strode confidently towards the receptionist.

“Take this, my dear,” Hatter ordered, and he handed Alice one of the bags.

“Yes, Mr. Hatter, sir,” Alice cooed out, and gladly accepted the bag even though it was a tad uncomfortable for a little girl like her to carry such a heavy weight.  She watched with keen interest her companion pull out his pocket watch, which she thought was ticking louder than normal.

The pair breezed past the receptionist, who for a moment looked annoyed that they would be so bold as to try to get past her without checking in.  However, when she looked up her eyes immediately softened and she smiled up at the passing couple.

“Hello again!  Tell Miss Hardy I said hello!” she called out and gave a cheery wave, but Jervis simply ignored her.  Alice, however, turned and smiled back at the woman. She wanted so desperately to wave back, but her hands were full.

The duo continued their way to Felicia Hardy’s apartment.  They passed the casino security guards, who gave friendly nods to the strangely dressed man.  Most recognized Susan, but didn’t say anything. The words stuck in their throats, and even then, it would be hard for them to be heard over the constant tick, tick, ticking of the Mad Hatter’s watch.  Finally, Jervis and Alice boarded an elevator, and before they knew it, they were at Felicia Hardy’s door.

The Hatter turned his head and smiled at Alice, and brought his hand up to knock on the door, when suddenly, the door opened in a flourish and revealed the new Felicia Hardy.

Or to be more precise, the new Cheshire Cat!

For the Mad Hatter, she was a truly a sight to behold and for a moment, he felt like pinching himself to see if he was dreaming.  Her unbelievably perfect body had been squeezed into a latex catsuit with a plunging neckline that was colored whimsically in purple and pink stripes.  Her long mane of white hair had been swept back off her face so all could see her big, crazed eyes and her constant beaming smile. She wore a purple domino mask on her gorgeous face that had been highlighted by purple-hued eyeliner, blush and a healthy coating of violet lip gloss.  The shiny, glossy lips only drew more attention to her big, toothy grin.

With her dramatically made-up eyes, she drank in her two visitors.  The manic green, shining orbs gave the Hatter, especially a lust-filled stare and purred out in a husky tone, “Oh, you’re here!  You’re really here!” she then turned her head to the side, her eyes lighting up with mad glee, “But we must see, sweet, sweet Cheshire Puss!”

She turned back to the Hatter and Alice, who gave each other a curious look, and the crazed cat burglar reached a white-gloved hand out and caressed the Hatter’s chest lovingly to see if the man before her was real and not another figment of her warped imagination.  When she saw that he was, in fact, real, she looked at the tall, thin man wearing the green top hat and declared in mad delight, “It is simply WONDERful to see you, my Master Hatter! How may your faithful Cheshire Puss serve you today?”

“Today and everyday,” the Mad Hatter said with an authoritative grin and she bowed her head in reverence to the man that had remade her.

WIthout warning, the Cheshire Puss’s head snapped upwards and she reached out and pulled the Mad Hatter roughly towards her.  In an instant, she smashed her lips against his, and he soon responded in kind in a long, melting kiss. Their tongues soon found themselves and they started to explore one another’s mouths with more and more manic energy.  Both the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat felt like two long lost lovers that had finally found one another in a foreign land and couldn’t keep their hands off one another. She swooned and purred out huskily into their kiss when the Hatter began to caress and knead her large, gravity-defying tits through the thin fabric of her latex catsuit that she wore like a second skin.

All this happened in front of Alice, who stood staring at the frenzied duo.  Her own big blue eyes drank in this erotic display, and she too dropped her bags filled to the brim with her lovely, lovely latex.  She felt herself grow wet between her thighs as she continued to stare at this woman who was madly kissing the Hatter and how she was dressed.  The catsuit was so shiny and tight and bright and oh so very shiny, but also very, very tight! She tentatively reached out her hand and rubbed the Cheshire Puss’ shiny round ass.

“Meeeoooowwwww!” the former Felicia moaned out into the kiss, before she reluctantly broke the extended lip-lock and turned her head to gaze at Alice with her big, green, sparkling eyes.  She still clung tightly to the Hatter, and purred out, “Well, well, well, who do we have here?”

“This, my oh so fuckable feline,” the Hatter announced, as both he and the Cheshire Cat stared at the blonde before her, “is Alice.”

The Cheshire Cat’s face lit up in utter excitement and she turned to Hatter and asked with ravenous glee, “THE Alice!?!?”

“Pleased to meet you,” Alice said with a polite curtsy.  Without warning, the Cheshire Cat uncoiled herself from the Hatter and embraced the hypnotised blonde in a sweltering kiss.  Deep in Susan’s subconscious, she recalled kissing Malice in her dream and she surrendered to the naughty feelings coursing through her body as the Cheshire Puss’s huge tits were smashed against her own smaller pair of breasts.

The Hatter watched his two beauties lovingly continue to kiss one another, and he couldn’t help but congratulate himself at how well his plan was going so far.  Planting the many hypnotic devices inside Felicia’s apartment had been a risk that had worked out simply wonderfully. She was already completely his. He had to be far more delicate with Susan, but clearly, the Alice portion of her personality was coming along nicely.  He continued to stare at them, and soon, the Cheshire Puss broke the kiss, but not before giving Susan’s pursed lips one last playful lick.

The Cheshire Cat gave Alice one long, lust-filled look, overjoyed the see the growing madness forming in the girl’s blue eyes.  She recognized that gleam in her own eyes as she had began her journey down the crazed rabbit hole. The white-haired beauty slipped an arm around Alice’s slim waist and she turned so both of them were facing the Mad Hatter.

“Now, my Master Hatter,” the Cheshire Cat purred, “What can your two batty beauties do for you?”

“Alice, my love.  I desire to see you in one of your new outfits,” the Hatter said, and a lecherous grin formed on his face and his eyes narrowed, “Surprise me.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Hatter, sir,” Alice cooed out, curtsying once more.  She then grabbed her many bags and disappeared into the Cheshire Puss’s apartment.

“Such a polite little thing,” the former Felicia Hardy observed, her wide, toothy grin straining even larger.  Seeing others show her lord and master the respect he was owed caused a pleasant tingle to spread from the frisky feline’s twisted head down to her sexy stilettos.  Her manic green eyes grew lidded and she sauntered over to the Hatter.

She then husked, cocking a perfectly-sculpted eyebrow suggestively.  The feline woman then gave the back of her glove-clad hand a long, drawn out lick and asked with faux innocence, “And what can I do for you?”

“I know just the thing!”  the Mad Hatter hissed out, and then his face lit up and he called out with manic glee, “Let’s make some tea!”

It was his turn to pull the Cheshire Cat into the apartment.  The sexy kitty cat cackled out with mad laughter as she allowed herself to be pulled into her own apartment.  With a flourish, the Mad Hatter slammed the door shut behind him.

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